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Keep Your Playset Safe & Warranty Strong

Your Play System Warranty Upkeep Let’s talk about the Rainbow Play Systems warranty and the steps you need to take to keep it in good standing. Investing in a Rainbow Play System for your family is a solid decision. Your kids, family, friends, and neighbors are going to be spending hundreds of hours climbing, swinging, Read more…

Deck Out Your Swing Set for Fall

Festive Fall Fun! Fall is finally here! And with that it’s time to anticipate cooler temperatures, shorter days, and even less time outdoors. It’s also the right time of year to switch out that seasonal home décor to something like a cozy, rustic aesthetic that is kid-friendly for all ages. Before decorating, now is the Read more…

Playground Safety Week

It’s Playground Safety Week It’s that time of year! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the kids are ready to get outside and play! When visiting your local parks and playgrounds, keep these safety tips in mind. Safe kids are happy kids! Here are ways to play S.A.F.E at your playgrounds: S Read more…

Winterizing Rainbow Play Systems Swing Sets

Winter is Coming: Tips for Winterizing your Rainbow Play Systems Swing Set It’s that time of year where families start winterizing their homes and campers. Proper seasonal maintenance is crucial for outdoor wooden structures; it helps to ensure the safety and quality of your swing set for many more years to come!

Spring Care Tips for your Rainbow Swing Set

Caring for your Rainbow Play Systems Swing Set Winter weather can take a toll on any outdoor swing set, but now that the days are getting warmer, children are ready to spend more time outside! Here at Rainbow Play Systems, children’s safety is our top priority, so we have provided an important yearly checklist to Read more…

Decorate Your Rainbow With Lights

Start a New Holiday and Winter Tradition! If you live in the North, your once beautiful, and colorful backyard is now covered in white, fluffy snow. Don’t let the cold drag you and your kids down! Start a new holiday tradition! Decorate your brand new Rainbow Play System with Christmas lights!

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