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Winterizing Rainbow Play Systems Swing Sets

Winter is Coming: Tips for Winterizing your Rainbow Play Systems Swing Set

It’s that time of year where families start winterizing their homes and campers. Proper seasonal maintenance is crucial for outdoor wooden structures; it helps to ensure the safety and quality of your swing set for many more years to come!

Check your Rainbow Play Systems Swing Set manual for seasonal upkeep tips, otherwise we have provided this basic list to go over before the real winter chill sets in:

  • Wood expands and contracts with cooling and warming air, leading to cracking and splinters. Look over your swing set, fill any cracks with wood filler and sand down splinters.
  • Clean your swing set. Washing can be done with a water hose and mild soap. Use a soft bristle brush to remove bird droppings or dirt from high traffic areas.
  • Staining and sealing is recommended. It protects the wood from the elements while giving your swing set that ‘just brought home from the showroom’ color. Check your manual for more details on maintaining your swing set, or check in with your local dealership for specials or deals on having the professionals do the maintenance check for you!
  • It can help to tackle a problem before it becomes a bigger issue, check your wood for bugs or pests. Use a cotton ball to apply dish soap to any boring holes. Pay special attention to the roof peaks and inside corners. If a pest issue can’t be taken care of through DIY means, it may be best to call an exterminator.
  • When the temperatures drop below freezing, the integrity of some plastic parts and pieces may be affected. They may shatter or weaken. Consider removing accessories or add-ons that can easily be detached:
    • Remove Swing Beam Accessories, Slides, and other plastic add-ons like Ship’s Wheels, Telescopes, and Megaphones. Store in the garage or a place where accessories are safe from the elements.
    • Don’t forget to remove the Rainbow Canopy and Flags, this helps reduce any weathering and rips or tears.

Taking care of your wooden swing set before the cold sets in leads to less surprises when the spring thaw rolls around. Check out our Spring Swing Set Maintenance post!

Remember, wooden swing sets need maintenance, much like any outdoor wood structure. Proper seasonal maintenance ensures the longevity and safety your Rainbow Play System! Check in with your local Rainbow distributor for maintenance sales, or look for the swing set manual to do it yourself at home!

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