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Rainbow Play – Then & Now – The Best Swing Sets

Rainbow Play Systems – The Original Cedar Outdoor Play System “Let’s build the best possible swing set we can.” – 1985, Greg Foster, Rainbow Play Systems, CEO In 1985 Greg Foster recognized a need for quality built swing sets. His main objective was to make it the best and the most safe play set on Read more…

Kids Gotta Play – Michigan Rainbow Play Showrooms

We talked with Kids Gotta Play about their Rainbow Play Systems showroom business! Rainbow Play Systems: How long has Kids Gotta Play been in business? Kids Gotta Play: Since the early 1990’s Kids Gotta Play has been providing safe, quality, creative, and exciting play equipment for families to enjoy. Rainbow Play Systems: How did you Read more…

Your Rainbow Play Systems Superstore in North East Wisconsin

The Swingset Superstore is your North East Wisconsin Rainbow Play Systems Showroom. Providing smiles to children and families for 24 years! We had the opportunity to talk with them about their Wisconsin playground equipment superstore. Rainbow Play Systems Corporate: What made you decide to choose Rainbow Play Systems as your choice of swing sets offered Read more…

Cutting Edge Lawn Service – Alabama Rainbow Play Systems

Cutting Edge Lawn Service is your Rainbow Play Systems Distributor in Auburn, Alabama. Cutting Edge Lawn Service has been providing Rainbow Play Systems swing sets for the past 4 years! We talked with them about their business.

The First Day of Winter & the Christmas Star

December 21st brings the Winter Solstice and the Christmas Star, which has not been seen in nearly 800 years The “Christmas Star”, also know as “Star of Bethlehem” and the “great conjunction” is when Jupiter and Saturn align at .1º apart. This is the closest alignment for these two planets in 800 years. Together they Read more…

Alden Pools & Play – Rainbow Play Systems of Alden New York

Alden Pools & Play is your Rainbow Play Systems Distributor in Alden, New York They provide sales, maintenance and a drive through showroom! We visited with Alden Pools & Play about their playground equipment business.

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