Committed to Safety

Your child’s safety is our top priority. All our swing sets and accessories are constructed with quality materials, including 100% Cedar Lumber. Each Playset is engineered for stability and safety including the use of recessed hardware and safety caps. Rainbow swing sets have been tested, evaluated and tested again before reaching your backyard.

America’s Most Trusted Brand Name

Established in 1985, we have over 36 years of experience building extraordinary outdoor wooden playsets. Plus, our safety features and best-in-the-industry warranty are second to none.

675,000 ft

We design, build and test our Rainbow Swing Sets at our massive facility in Brookings, South Dakota.

150 Employees

Our hardworking employees take pride in building your kids a fun and durable Playset.

200+ Showrooms

Our Network of locally owned Showrooms provide Sales and Service to our customers.

Solutions for Uneven Backyards

Rainbow Play Systems offers a huge selection of swing set options, including solutions for challenging uneven backyards. Our Exclusive Triple Bracket System enables our swing set to be fully adjustable and accommodate any unlevel ground.

Swingset Options

Lasts A Lifetime

Not only is cedar prized for its beauty, it is also highly durable and naturally resistant to decay. We ensure that our swing sets are constructed to withstand your child’s adventures.

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Sustainably Sourced

Owning a Rainbow Play System swing set is an environmentally responsible choice. All our lumber is SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) Certified. Plus for every tree that is harvested, five new trees are planted in its place.

How we stay environmentally clean

  • We do not discard any scraps carelessly. All “waste” or discarded wood material is used in production or recycled. While the larger pieces are milled and reused, the smaller pieces are sent through the chipper to make landscape mulch. The sawdust that is produced during production is shipped to Minnesota where it is used for poultry bedding. Once the bedding has been discarded it returns to the soil when it is used as fertilizer.
  • The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) calls for third-party inspections of forestlands for sustainability and habitat use. Our lumber material suppliers must adhere to one of two major forest initiatives.
  • Certification has been established to ensure timber mills produce “Certified Lumber”. This means lumber that has been approved to be harvested under an agreement reached in cooperation with scientists, environmental groups and foresters. This initiative agrees that timber harvesting does not harm watersheds around streams or endanger wildlife, cause soil erosion, and maintains that one area can’t be over-harvested.

Professional Service and Support

Installing your new playset can be overwhelming, but with our professional installers you will have your new swing set set-up properly and level in your yard in no time. Rainbow has over 200 locally owned showrooms with professional installers ready to help. Our installers are specially trained and waiting to build your child’s dream Rainbow Play System.

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Rainbow’s commercial playground sets are perfect for community parks, private schools, churches, daycares, apartment complexes, campgrounds, and more! We proudly offer ADA Accessible playsets, meeting the American’s with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines. Our commercial playground sets meet or exceed American Society for Testing Materials safety standards for public grounds!

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