Get Your Kids Outdoors With a Backyard Castle Playground Set!

Welcome to our enormous selection of Rainbow outdoor Castle playhouses! This style of swing set features an open-play design, creating an abundance of space to climb, slide and swing. Castle playgrounds can accommodate nearly any backyard — from large, open play areas to small, sloped surfaces. Explore our Castle playhouses now!

Customize Your Castle Playhouse

Want to see your Castle Swing Set brought to life? Explore our 3D Builder Tool where you can fully customize the model, package and accessories of your swing set! See your design from every angle, previewing different configurations, slides, swings and more. Start building now to surprise your kids, or get them involved in designing their new favorite hangout.

Visit a Showroom Near You

You truly have to see it to believe it! Bring your family to one of our nationwide showrooms and experience our dedication to quality. Try out our wooden playsets in person — where climbing, sliding, and swinging is encouraged!