11 & 14-Foot Trampolines for Your Backyard

Our trampolines combine safety and maximum fun. We offer 11 foot and 14-foot trampolines to fit families of all sizes. What could possibly make a trampoline even more fun? Both of our trampoline options come connected with a basketball hoop.

The quality of our trampolines is unmatched. The mat is connected to the aviation-quality aluminum rod frame with the provided tools, and securely clipped, for a sturdy and safe bounce. The frame is hidden beneath both the 11-foot and 14-foot trampolines so that the jumping surface is above the spring mechanism. With a Rainbow Free Jump Safety Net, the net simply zips to the jumping surface, making it easier to install and replace. Other safety features on our outdoor trampolines include a net enclosure with a zipper entrance, and curved net rods.

The Rainbow Free Jump Access Ladder is made from the same aviation-quality aluminum for sturdiness. The ladder is securely bolted to the base of the trampoline, keeping it in place at all times.

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Idea R11 Rainbow 11-Foot Trampoline

  • Uses a unique connection structure to attach the mat to the aluminum rod.
  • The net is fastened with a zipper to the mat for ease in installation.
  • Aviation-quality aluminum rods replace the traditional metal springs.
  • No fiberglass rods to cause itchiness and splinters.
  • Uses a hidden frame that keeps the jumping surface above the spring mechanism.
  • Curved rods keep the net upright away and away from the bouncer.
  • Best Ladder in the industry.
  • Best hoop in the industry.
  • Heavy-duty tube frame construction.
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Idea R14 Rainbow 14-Foot Trampoline

  • Aluminum rod and mat are attached through a unique connection structure.
  • The net is fastened to the mat with a zipper for easy installation.
  • Aviation-quality aluminum rods are used in place of traditional metal springs.
  • We don’t use fiberglass rods, which can cause itchiness and splinters.
  • A hidden frame keeps the jumping surface above the spring mechanism, rather than around it.
  • Curved rods hold the net upright and keep the net out of the way of the bouncer.
  • Industry-leading ladder.
  • Industry-leading basketball hoop.
  • Tube frame made from heavy-duty construction.
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