The Best Playsets for Custom Play & Compact Backyards

Welcome to our colossal collection of Clubhouse outdoor playsets! Create unique and imaginative spaces by utilizing the many playset accessories for the upper and lower platforms. The Clubhouse style is a great solution for compact yards, yet the versatile playset can still pack a ton of play activities like picnic tables and playhouses.

Clubhouse Sizes

From the entry level Circus Series to the enormous King Kong Series, our Clubhouse style
playsets come in multiple deck heights and sizes. Pick the perfect playset size for your family!

Circus Clubhouses

Packed full of fun, our entry level Circus Clubhouse series is compact, which is perfect for the smallest backyards. The lower deck height of 5 feet is great for young children!

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39J Circus Clubhouse Pkg V Fantastic

Sunshine Clubhouse

The Sunshine Clubhouse swing set has a 5.2’ x 5.2’ deck size which means more play space for energetic kids, and substantially more add-ons and options! 2020 represents a milestone in Rainbow’s 35 Years of History as we Celebrate Sunshine, our #1 ALL-TIME MOST POPULAR Series!!!

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42I Sunshine Clubhouse Pkg IV Tons of Bells and Whistles

Rainbow Clubhouses

The Rainbow Clubhouse playsets are the industry leader in construction detail and design! These sets are great for kids of every age and fit in most modestly sized yards.

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44A Rainbow Clubhouse Pkg II Feature Model

Monster Clubhouses

The Monster Clubhouse swing set has a 6’ deck height, 9.25’ swing beam height and the 11’ Super Scoop Slide with the 5.2’ x 7.8’ deck size. The Monster Series boasts the most unique designs & our 2020 Monster line up stays true as our most unique series, including our ultra unique Huckleberry Hideout Series.

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49E Monster Clubhouse Pkg II Fancy

King Kong Clubhouses

Touch the sky with our biggest swing set, the King Kong Clubhouse! With its deck height of 7′ 2″ & 5 ‘2″, there’s ample room to customize with unique swing set accessories.

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52A King Kong Clubhouse Pkg II Feature Model

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