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Keep Your Playset Safe & Warranty Strong

Your Play System Warranty Upkeep

Let’s talk about the Rainbow Play Systems warranty and the steps you need to take to keep it in good standing.

Investing in a Rainbow Play System for your family is a solid decision. Your kids, family, friends, and neighbors are going to be spending hundreds of hours climbing, swinging, sliding and letting their imaginations take them anywhere they want to go on their Play System.

Rainbow Play Systems are built to last a lifetime, but that does not mean you won’t have to check in on your swing set from time to time. Compare it to your vehicle’s maintenance. You need to have the oil changed, tires replaced and let’s not forget the fuel to keep your car moving. Your swing set needs similar care!

So here is what you need to know… Inspect & Protect!

Before your Play System even reached your yard, a water sealant was applied to prevent damage/deterioration to the wood components. All water sealants wear off over time being exposed to wind, rain, hail, snow, sunlight, and vigorous play. Once a year you need to inspect your Play System for areas that need to be re-sealed. Pay special attention to any areas that touch the ground, as they are most susceptible to sitting in moisture.

Here’s a video showing how our water seal repels water compared to wood that has not been sealed. If your Play System needs attention, you can purchase Rainbow Water Seal at your local Rainbow Play showroom.

How long does a Rainbow Play System last? Well, that depends on your maintenance routine. If you inspect your Play System regularly and reseal it when necessary, it will last you 25 years or more. Your children will grow up making memories on their Rainbow and there’s a good chance the next generation will do the same.

For more maintenance tips, please visit Maintenance of Your Play System.

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