Explore 60” & 72” Basketball Hoops for Your Family

Looking for some active family fun? Check out Rainbow Play’s line of in-ground outdoor basketball hoops! With durable, weatherproof designs, they make the perfect driveway or backyard basketball hoops for the whole household. And, unlike most manufacturers, our all-weather backboards are made of tempered glass — just like professional basketball hoops — offering the best possible performance.

We’ll even come out to install your new hoop and back it with an industry-leading warranty! And because it’s a Rainbow Play product, it’s sure to be loaded with safety features. View our size options below.

Idea R60 Rainbow 60″ Basketball Hoop

Our 60” outdoor basketball hoop is adjustable to meet your family’s optimal height for slam dunks and trick shots. When you get a great basketball hoop for your driveway, you can stop relying on the gym or park and have unlimited fun at home.

Pole Size6" x 6"
Pole Thickness7 gauge
Pole Height5' 5" to 10'
Backboard Thickness1/2" Tempered Glass
Support ArmH-Arm
Anchor Bolt Pattern9" x 9"

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Idea R72 Rainbow 72″ Basketball Hoop

Make your own family basketball league with our full-size 72” basketball hoop. The Y-arm design makes the hoop extremely durable, and the lifetime warranty ensures you’ll be able to play game after game with no worries.

Pole Size6" x 6"
Pole Thickness7 gauge
Pole Height6' 6" to 10'
Backboard Thickness1/2" Tempered Glass
Support ArmY-Arm Anchor Bolt
Anchor Bolt Pattern9" x 9"

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What to Know Before Installing an In-Ground Outdoor Basketball Hoop

If you’re interested in an adjustable in-ground basketball hoop for your family, there are a few things to consider first:

Birds Eye view of neighborhood

HOA/Neighborhood Restriction

Make sure your neighborhood (or Homeowner’s Association) doesn’t have restrictions on what you can have in your yard or driveway. In-ground basketball hoops are just that: in-ground. You’ll want to be certain that installing one won’t be against any rules that could have repercussions.

Father and son looking at a phone together

Call Before You Dig

Before you have Rainbow Play installers to come and set up your basketball hoop, you’ll want to get in touch with 811. They can tell you if there are underground utility lines in the space where you want to install your hoop.

A driveway leading to a suburban home

Location of Your In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Since our basketball hoops are in-ground, its location will be permanent. Give careful thought to whether missed shots are going to end up, as balls rolling into the street can be dangerous — and balls flying into your home or car can be costly. Map out the most spacious, flattest space for your hoop before ordering.

A basketball with snow on it


Since you can’t simply store away your basketball hoop, start preparing for winter by adjusting your hoop to its lowest setting so it’s less susceptible to harsh winter winds. If you’re concerned about rust, you can cover the entire unit with a tarp. You’ll also want to make sure that you’ve picked a location for your hoop that’s away from the path of snowplows.

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