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Keep Your Playset Safe & Warranty Strong

Your Play System Warranty Upkeep Let’s talk about the Rainbow Play Systems warranty and the steps you need to take to keep it in good standing. Investing in a Rainbow Play System for your family is a solid decision. Your kids, family, friends, and neighbors are going to be spending hundreds of hours climbing, swinging, Read more…

Rainbow Play 2021 Idea Book Catalog is Here!

The Rainbow 2021 Idea Book has Dropped! Our 2021 swing set catalog is here and it’s filled with swing set configurations for you to choose from. Alternately, maybe you want to design your own custom swing set with elements that will fit your family perfectly?  We can help with that too! Along with hundreds of Read more…

Child Safety & Protection Month

November is Child Safety and Protection Month! A safe play set is vital to children’s safety. We would like to tell you what makes Rainbow swing sets the safest you can buy for your family. We believe in the importance of a safe play set and putting care into all our play set construction details.

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