Swing Set Accessories, Options & Add-Ons

Rainbow Play Systems has an extensive line of swing set accessories and add-ons. Add a personal and imaginative touch to your child’s swing set by adding a tube slide, a sandbox, monkey bars and many other amazing Rainbow swing set accessories!

Rainbow Castle
Package I
  • The Base Model
Package II
  • Base
  • + Swing Beam
Package III
  • Base
  • + Swing Beam
  • + Monkey Bars
Package IV
  • Base
  • + Swing Beam
  • + Monkey Bars
  • + Penthouse
Package V
  • Base
  • + Swing Beam
  • + Monkey Bars
  • + Penthouse
  • + Spiral Slide

Universal Swing Set Options

Rainbow Play Systems carries many universal swing set accessories and add-ons. These options can be added to both Clubhouse playsets and Castle swing sets:

  • Slides: Rainbow Play offers several options for Scoop Slides, Super Scoop Slides, Spiral Slides and Wave Slides. Learn More
  • Swing Beams & A-Frames: The Rainbow Exclusive Swing Beam design is built to hold several options. Learn More
  • Monkey Bars: Rainbow Play Monkey Bars are available in many sizes with many exciting variations. Learn More
  • Penthouses: Rainbow Play’s original Penthouse design can be configured into over 100 different Penthouse variations. Learn More

Universal Options

Accessory Pack (101)
Safety Handles, Pair (102)
104 Jumbo Ships Wheel
Jumbo Ship’s Wheel (104)
Telescope (105)
Binoculars (106)
Tic-Tac-Toe Panel
Tic-Tac-Toe Panel (107)
Chalkboard Panel (108)
109 Bubble Panel
Bubble Panel Yellow or Green (109)
Extended Bubble Panel
Extended Bubble Panel Yellow or Green (110)
Crow’s Nest Yellow or Green (112)
Talk Tube (113)
Personalized Name Board (114)
Fireman’s Pole (115)
Corkscrew Climber (116)

Castle Swing Set Options

Rainbow Castle swing sets are great for open play and adding exciting Rainbow Swing Set accessories! These options may help stabilize the swing set in an uneven backyard or provide great fun for the entire family.

Castle Options & Rail Panel Options

Super Castle Upgrade 45% Bigger than the Circus Castle !!! (133)
4 Cozy Rails, Castle (134)
Double Swing Arm, Castle (135)
360° Tire Swing, Castle (136)
360° Race Car Tire Swing, Castle (137)
Swinging Tent, Castle (138)
Periscope, Castle (139)
4 Castle Flags Also Available in Green (140)
Yellow & Blue Canopy, Castle (141)
Forest Green Canopy, Castle (142)
Wooden Roof with Fans, Castle (143)
Unlevel Yard Extended Rock Wall, Castle (144)
Unlevel Yard Extended Step/Chain Ladder, Castle (145)
10′ Crawl Tunnel (146)
10′ Billy Goat Bridge (147)

Clubhouse Swing Set Options

Want a swing set with an upper level playhouse and a sandbox? Rainbow Clubhouse playsets have both upper and lower level options available to double the fun!

Clubhouse Options

Lower Level Playhouse, Clubhouse (148)
Lower Level Playhouse, Monster Clubhouse (149)
Lower Level Playhouse, King Kong Clubhouse (150)
Flower Boxes (151)
Picnic Table, Sunshine Clubhouse (152)
Picnic Table, Rain, Mon, King Kong Clubhouse (153)
Sandbox, Clubhouse (154)
Sandbox Tarp Cover, Clubhouse (155)
General Store Panels w/ Lower Level Floor, Club (156)
Lemonade Stand with Stools, Clubhouse (157)
Dream Theatre With Stools, Clubhouse (158)
Rock Wall, Clubhouse (159)
Red, Yellow, & Blue Canopy, Clubhouse (160)
Forest Green Canopy, Clubhouse (161)
Wooden Roof with Fans, Clubhouse (162)
Upper Level Cabin Package, Clubhouse (163)

Monkey Bar Options & Penthouse Options

Monkey Bars, Circus (179)
Monkey Bars, Sunshine & Rainbow (180)
Monkey Bars, Monster (181)
Monkey Bars, King Kong (182)
Super Monkey Bars 56% Wider !!! (183)
Penthouse Loop Step (186)
Super Penthouse 48% Bigger ! (190)
Super Penthouse Classic – 48% Bigger ! (191)
Penthouse Wood Roof, King Kong (193)

Commercial Playground Options

Rainbow Play Systems’ Commercial Playground Equipment can be personalized for all kinds of communities or businesses!

Commercial Options

C71 Commercial 360º Spiral Slide
Commercial 360º Spiral Slide C71
C70 Commercial 10.5ft Scoop Slide
Commercial 10.5ft Scoop Slide C70
C69 Cleated Rise Climber
Cleated Rise Climber C69
C68 Straight Crawl Tube
Straight Crawl Tube C68
C67 Commercial Picnic Table
Commercial Picnic Table C67
C66 Corkscrew Climber
Corkscrew Climber C66
C65 Ground Climber
Ground Climber C65
C64 Single Bay Rock Wall
Single Bay Rock Wall C64
C63 Commercial Rung Ladder
Commercial Rung Ladder C63
C62 Commercial Tire Swing Beam
Commercial Tire Swing Beam C62
C61 Commercial Toddler Swign Beam
Commercial Toddler Swing Beam C61
C60 Commercial Swing Beam
Commercial Swing Beam C60
C59 Commercial Bench
Commercial Bench C59
C58 Customized Welcome Sign
Commercial Customized Welcome Sign C58
C57 Commercial Wood Roof
Commercial Wood Roof C57
C56 Crawl Tunnel
Commercial 10ft Crawl Tunnel C56
C55 Tube Slide
Commercial Tube Slide C55
C54 Tube Slide Yellow
Commercial Tube Slide C54
C53 Commercial Slope Slide
Commercial Slope Slide C53
C52 Grab-N-Go Bar
Commercial Grab-N-Go Bar C52
C51 Billy Goat Bridge
Commercial 10ft Billy Goat Bridge C51
C50 Commercial Monkey Bars
Commercial Monkey Bars C50
C49 Rock Wall
Commercial Rock Wall C49
C48 Extended Bubble Rail
Commercial Extended Bubble Rail C48
C47 Crow's Nest
Commercial Crow’s Nest C47
C46 Commercial Ship's Wheel
Commercial Ship’s Wheel C46
C45 Tic-Tac-Toe Panel
Commercial Tic-Tac-Toe Panel C45
Commercial Binoculars C44
C43 ADA Station
Commercial ADA Station C43
C41 Learning Center
Rainbow Play Village Commercial Learning Center C41
C40 Lemonade Stand
Rainbow Play Village Commercial Lemonade Stand C40

Ship Options

Ahoy matey! Deck out the special order Ship playset with an array of nautical themed options and accessories!

Ship Options

Ship Gang Plank
Ship Gang Plank
Ship Rope Cargo Ladder
Ship Rope Cargo Ladder
Ship Waves and Anchor
Ship Waves & Anchor
Ship Treasure Chest
Ship Treasure Chest
Ship Detailed Arched Doorway
Ship Detailed Arched Doorway
Ship Galley Window with Stools
Ship Galley Window with Stools
Ship Upper Deck
Ship Upper Deck
Below the Ship Bed
Below the Ship Bed
Ship Sun Deck Access Ladder
Ship Sun Deck Access Ladder
Ship Bed
Ship Bed
Ship Tic-Tac-Toe Panel
Ship Tic-Tac-Toe Panel
Ship Grab-N-Go Bar
Ship Grab-N-Go Bar
Ship's Wheel & Treasure Map
Ship’s Wheel & Treasure Map
Ship Upper Deck Port Hole Window
Ship Upper Deck Port Hole Window
Ship Megaphone
Ship Megaphone
Ship Crow's Nest
Ship Crow’s Nest

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