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Rainbow’s Exclusive Spiral Slides for Swing Sets

Rainbow Play’s Spiral Slides for swing sets beat the competition with their incredibly sturdy engineering. Our spiral slides are stronger in weight, thickness, better ride and provide more fun! The 360º Spiral Slide Rainbow’s 360º spiral slides have More Action and More Fun! A full 360º turn. Weight is 6 times as much as the competitor’s Read more…

Super Scoop Slides Engineering

Rainbow Play Systems’ exclusive Super Scoop Slides are absolutely the best playset slides available! “Scoop” design keeps kids in the center all the way down the slide. Super high sidewalls for maximum safety. Flared sidewall edges are easy to grab, creating a super safe climbing ramp. Curved landing properly positions children for a safe exit Read more…

Winterizing Rainbow Play Systems Swing Sets

Winter is Coming: Tips for Winterizing your Rainbow Play Systems Swing Set It’s that time of year where families start winterizing their homes and campers. Proper seasonal maintenance is crucial for outdoor wooden structures; it helps to ensure the safety and quality of your swing set for many more years to come!


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