Best Time to Buy a Playset for Your Kids: A Guide for Parents

Parents: When is the Best Time to Buy a Playset for Your Kids?

As a parent, one of the greatest joys is watching your children play and have fun. Playsets are a popular addition to many backyards, providing hours of outdoor entertainment for kids. However, with so many different types of playsets on the market, it can be challenging to decide when to purchase one. In this article, we will explore the best time to buy a playset for parents.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Playset

When deciding on the best time to buy a playset for your children, there are several factors to consider. These include:


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Age of Your Children

The age of your children is another crucial factor to consider when purchasing a playset. Younger children may benefit from a smaller, more accessible playset, while older children may need a larger playset with more advanced features. However, it’s important to look down the road. You want your child to grow into their playset so they continue to play for years to come. Consider the longevity of the playset when determining features and accessories on the playset.

Available Space

Before buying a playset, it’s essential to consider the available space in your backyard. You don’t want to purchase a playset that’s too big for your yard or too small for your children to enjoy fully. Measure your backyard and select a playset that fits well.

Safety Features

Playsets can pose certain safety risks, so it’s crucial to look for safety features such as guardrails, soft landings, and sturdy construction when purchasing a playset.

When is the Best Time to Buy a Playset for Your Kids?

Late Winter/Early Spring

Pre-season sales are a great opportunity to jump on last year’s models. Most showrooms will slash the prices of older models before filling their space with the newest playsets. If you’re not worried about buying the newest model, late winter/early spring sales are a great time to get a good deal.

End of Summer Sales

The end of summer is the best time to buy a playset for your children. During this time, many retailers offer discounts on their summer inventory to make room for fall and winter items. Look for deals on playsets and take advantage of the significant savings.

Off-Season Sales

Another ideal time to purchase a playset is during the off-season. Retailers often offer discounts on outdoor items during the winter months, when demand for outdoor products is lower. By purchasing a playset during the off-season, you can save money and have it ready to go when the weather warms up.

Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is a popular shopping holiday that occurs on the day after Thanksgiving. Many retailers offer significant discounts on their products, including playsets. Keep an eye out for Black Friday deals and take advantage of the savings to buy a playset for your kids.

Frequently Asked Question About Buying Playsets

Are wooden or metal playsets better for kids?

Both wooden and metal playsets can be safe and fun for kids, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference and budget. Cunninghamia wood playsets offer a durable and beautiful option for your yard. Wooden playsets are also the more eco-friendly option.

How much space do I need for a playset?

The amount of space you need for a playset depends on the size of the playset and the available space in your backyard. Measure your yard and select a playset that fits well. We advise having 6 feet of buffer space around the playset, with an additional 6 feet around the swings.

What safety features should I look for when buying a playset?

Look for safety features such as the height of guardrails, amount of soft landings, recessed hardware, and the thickness of ropes when purchasing a playset. Coated chains are often overlooked, but they help keep fingers from getting caught.

The best time to buy a playset for parents is during the end of summer sales, off-season sales, and Black Friday deals. However, it’s essential to consider the factors we mentioned, including your budget, the age of your children, available space, and safety features. By taking the time to do your research and make an informed decision, you can find the perfect playset for your kids to enjoy for years to come.

Remember that purchasing a playset is an investment in your children’s physical health, social skills, and overall development. A playset provides a fun and safe environment for kids to play and explore while also encouraging them to spend time outdoors and stay active. So don’t hesitate to invest in a quality playset for your children.

Always consider your budget, the age of your children, available space, and safety features when making your purchase. By doing so, you can ensure that your children have a fun, safe, and memorable outdoor experience for years to come.

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