What Playset Features are Great for Older Kids?

What Playset Features are Great for Older Kids?

Although it’s easy to understand why playing is so important for a young child’s development, providing active ways for kids to play is just as crucial as they get older. Play — especially active play — strengthens a child’s agility, stamina, balance, and cognitive functions while providing necessary physical fitness.

If your child seems to have grown out of their playset or you’re looking for screen-free ways to keep them occupied, there are playset features that are great for kids, even as they get older. Who knows, you may find yourself spending more time on the swings!

Playset Features That are Great for Older Kids

When you’re looking for features that your older kid will love, it’s important to ensure that the accessories are made for their weight and size. Just as you wouldn’t want accessories that younger children could easily fall off of or through, older kids should be able to use the equipment safely without getting stuck or breaking anything.

Additionally, you want to find playset features that allow more freedom as your child’s strength and coordination increases. While you never want kids to play in ways that could be dangerous, a playset should provide ways for children to push themselves mentally and physically.

Climbing Walls

With a gentle slope and plenty of hand and foot holds, climbing walls are essential for helping kids improve their coordination and strength.

Dream Theatre with Stools

If your kids love putting on plays and other performances, give them a stage of their very own with our Dream Theatre playset feature.

Chain Ladder

Chain ladders are great for kids who are mastering balance, strength and coordination.

Climbing Rope

Who doesn’t like swinging around like Tarzan? A climbing rope allows kids to swing and climb, or they can use it to use other features like the climbing wall.


Swings are a tried-and-true favorite. With swing options from full bucket seats to half bucket, flat swing and sling swings, there’s an option for each stage of your child’s development.

Hammock Swing

You can’t forget time to relax! Hammock swings are the perfect place to sit and read awhile or day dream the afternoon away.

From toddlers to teens, Rainbow Play Systems, Inc. provides all the mix-and-match playset features that are great for kids as they grow. Customize the perfect playset or find accessories and add-ons for your existing swing set.

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