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Backyard Fort & Playhouse Designs

Every child needs a fort! When blankets and pillows just aren’t cutting it, it’s time for an upgrade — one that’ll leave everyone smiling from ear to ear. Check out a few of these Rainbow playsets that make one-of-a-kind backyard forts and playhouses:

The Ship Pkg II with 360° Spiral Slide (93A)

Sea captains beware! There’s a new vessel set to sail the seven seas. But, while it’s drydocked in your backyard in the meantime, it’ll serve just as well as a spectacular fort and playhouse! Climb up onto one of two crow’s nests to serve as a lookout, or drop down to the deck to hide away with your friends. A large captain’s quarters serves as a great hideout to plan your next great adventure.

Head to the gang plank with your crew, or test your climbing skills with the rope cargo ladder. Whatever your preference, there’s no shortage of fun in this playhouse!

Explore all the ship’s spectacular features here.

King Kong Double Whammy Green Machine (47J)

The Double Whammy is AT LEAST twice the fun of any other backyard fort or playhouse! Climb through the crawl tunnel to go from one massive tower to the next, or curl up in the extended bubble panel to peer down at the world below.

Four large canopies give protection from the elements while giving that perfect ‘fort’ aesthetic! Escape down the 14’ safety scoop slide or 360° spiral slide if you need to quickly flee, or better yet, use one of the two binoculars, two telescopes or the built-in periscope to spot intruders right away.

See what other features make the Double Whammy a great backyard fort right here.

King Kong Clubhouse Pkg II Outrageous (47G)

This playhouse makes an outrageously good backyard fort! Huddle around the lemonade stand with storefront panels, where wooden stools invite customers to stick around for a while after their purchase. Once everyone’s refreshed, head to the Knotted Rope with Buoy Ball to start a swingin’ good time!

The colorful canopies add a splash of fun, while the 4” x 6” timber step ladder and multiple slides promise hours of active play. See what else this perfect playhouse has to offer here.

King Kong Clubhouse Pkg V Ginormous (47I)

What makes this the king of forts? Not only does it feature a giant lower-level playhouse with a door, making a great bunker, but you can also spend hours practicing your skills with the Ninja Training Kit! What other backyard fort can offer that? Stay sharp with a built-in tic-tac-toe panel, or practice climbing up the Ramp with Ropes to reach the 14’ scoop safety slide!

Whether riding on the tire swing, cranking on one of the two ship’s wheels, or gathering your friends around the removable picnic table for a meeting, this is certainly the most fantastic fort you can imagine!

Explore more of its features here.

Huckleberry Hideout Pkg V Jacked (43J)

Hideouts make the best backyard playhouses, and the Huckleberry Hideout is no exception! Retreat to your own little sanctuary with a wood roof, chimney, and adorable flower boxes. The lower-level clubhouse feels like a home away from home, promising hours of fun hangouts!

If you ever need to get the juices flowing, swing away on the Monster Monkey Bars or scale up to the top of the Club Rock Wall! No matter if you’re hiding out, swinging, climbing, or anything else, the Huckleberry makes the perfect playhouse!

Learn more about this magnificent playhouse here.

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