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What Playset Features are Great for Older Kids?

There are several options that are great for older kids. We always say that a Rainbow Play System is a play set that your kids grow into, not out of.

You can start out with a Pkg II (which is the main structure of the play set with the Swing Beam) and then upgrade as your kids get older to a Pkg III (adding Monkey Bars), Pkg IV (adding a Penthouse above the Monkey Bars), or a Pkg V (adding a Spiral Slide coming out of the Penthouse).

Many of the swinging options are great for the older kids. Anything from the classic Sling Swing to the 2 or 4 Chain Tire Swing. There is also the Knotted Rope with Disc or Buoy Ball, Hammock Swing, Sky Curve Swing, and Web Swing that are great for older kids. The Castles also have the addition of a Tire Swing that is also great fun.

Monkey Bars are always great fun for kids. You can even add on some Dual Shimmy Bars or even a Ninja Training Kit.

Adding a Penthouse on top of the Monkey Bars can create a nice little hideaway for the older kids. The Penthouse also allows for some additional options to be added, such as the Spiral Slides.

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