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How Long Do Kids Use Their Playset?

One of the most important things children need is playtime. Play can happen in many ways: from toys to games to bicycles and outdoor activities, the options are as endless as their imagination and energy levels. The lifespan of these options, however, is not.

Kids tend to love everything at first and then eventually tire of them, or even more likely, outgrow them. What we’ve found with playsets is they provide value to your kids for years to come.

How long do kids play with playsets?

According to the feedback we’ve received from our customers, Rainbow playsets are used for an average of 12 years by children.

Outdoor playsets are one play option that have lasting power. Another plus of outdoor playsets is the “outdoor” part? Getting kids to play outside is crucial for their overall development.

What age do kids use playsets?

Our customers have kids who range from infants to preteens. This is why there are so many different options at Rainbow when it comes to customizing your home playground. As children grow and develop, they’ll use the playset differently, giving you something to look forward to as they enter into new stages of their childhood.

  • Infants to 2-year olds: This is when they love being pushed in a swing. As they become toddlers and begin to explore, they’ll be climbing and sliding, and maybe even trying the “big kid” swings.
  • 3- to 5-year olds: This is when kids become stronger, more coordinated and have more confidence to climb ladders, go down slides and swing on their own.
  • 6- to 12-year olds: This is when kids become more adventurous and bold by climbing ropes and mastering the monkey bars.

Rainbow calls this journey “the 12 rays of sunshine,” representing the 12 years of childhood.

Why Playsets Are Important for a Child’s Development

  • Safe place for infants and toddlers to play outdoors
  • Increase coordination and physical development
  • 88% of teachers say that children are happier after playing outdoors
  • They provide year long fun from the safety of your backyard
  • Encourage social skill development by playing with other kids their age

At What Age Do Kids Stop Playing on Playgrounds?

Our customers reported once their kids reach teenage years, they stop using their playsets regularly. During the teenage years, kids want to explore more with their own social circles and leave the house. But don’t be surprised if you see them still enjoying their playset from time to time.

Rainbow Play remains a great choice for families with young kids. It provides unlimited fun for kids while they develop both physically and mentally. Rainbow provides numerous playsets that your kids will love. Find a showroom near you or contact our team to learn more about all of our playset offerings.

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