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How Long Do Kids Use Their Playset?

Quality playtime is essential for children, promoting exercise, confidence, social connection, emotional well-being and more. Play can happen in many different ways, from toys and games to bicycles and outdoor activities. The options are nearly as limitless as their little imaginations!

However, as every parent knows, the lifespan of toys and entertainment can be quite limited. Kids tend to outgrow or lose interest in things pretty quickly. So, what about playsets?

How long do kids play with playsets?

According to the feedback we’ve received from our customers, children use Rainbow playsets for an average of 12 YEARS!

Rainbow playsets are designed to get kids outside, and children never seem to grow tired of outdoor fun. Even more importantly, there are countless customizations and add-on accessories available, making it easy to cater your Rainbow playset to your child’s interests and needs — even as they change. From chalkboard panels to crow’s nests, full bucket swings, climbing walls and more, there’s a variety of thrilling accessories for kids of any age.

What age do kids use playsets?

Our customers have kids ranging from infants to preteens. That’s why we offer so many different customization options and add-on accessories. After all, the perfect playset for a three year old will likely look different than the perfect playset for a 12 year old. As children grow and develop, they’ll use playsets differently.

  • Infants to 2-year olds: love being pushed in a swing. As they grow into toddlers and begin to explore, they’ll start climbing and sliding, and maybe even try out the “big kid” swings.
  • 3- to 5-year olds:start to develop more strength and coordination, giving them the confidence to climb ladders, go down slides and swing on their own.
  • 6- to 12-year olds:become even more adventurous and daring, climbing ropes, mastering monkey bars and scaling up climbing walls.

Rainbow calls this journey “the 12 rays of sunshine,” representing the 12 years of childhood.

Why Playsets Are Important for a Child’s Development

  • Safe place for infants and toddlers to play outdoors
  • Increase coordination and physical development
  • 88% of teachers say that children are happier after playing outdoors
  • They provide year-long fun from the safety of your backyard
  • Encourage social skill development by playing with other kids their age

At What Age Do Kids Stop Playing on Playgrounds?

Our customers report that once their kids reach teenagehood, they stop using their playsets regularly. During the teenage years, kids generally want to explore the world beyond their house and neighborhood. But, don’t be surprised if you see them still enjoying their playset from time to time.

Even when your kids have surpassed the age to use a playset, they’ll be thankful for the years of fun and happy memories. Getting a playset for your kids will forever be a great choice, providing entertainment for an entire childhood while helping to aid physical and mental development.

With impressive customization options, add-on accessories, and industry-leading durability, there is no better playset than a Rainbow playset. Find a showroom near you or contact our team to learn about the perfect Rainbow playset for you.

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