Our high-quality wooden swing sets provide years of fun! We offer a variety of outdoor swing sets for kids, accommodating any age range or yard type. Each of our wooden backyard swing sets is available with customizable features, allowing you to create the perfect specialty playswing configuration for your family. We guarantee that our kids’ swing sets are not only fun, but also safe and durable. Our slides are designed with high walls to promote safety, and all of our wooden swing sets are made of weather-resistant treated cedar, which is long-lasting and works to prevent splinters.

Discover our options below, and choose the best backyard swing set for your family!

Customized Backyard Wooden Swing Sets for Kids

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor swing set for your kids’ backyard adventures? Customize the size, design, and accessories, including spaces to climb, slide, and swing with our builder. Our wooden swing sets can even be installed on uneven ground. Start with the Castle or Clubhouse style and size, then add specialty accessories to complete your swing set.

Visit a Showroom to See Our Wooden Swing Sets in Action

If you would rather see our outdoor swing sets and other accessories (like slides) for yourself, we have over 200 showroom locations across the US and internationally.


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