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The Best Swing Sets for A Small Yard

Having a compact yard doesn’t need to get in the way of your children having fun and spending time outside. There are fortunately ways to be creative with your outdoor space and swing sets that are designed specifically for small yards. The swing set experts at Rainbow Play Systems are happy to answer your questions about what makes the best swing sets for small yards.

What Makes a Good Swing Set for Small Yards?

The obvious first answer to this question would be a swing set that doesn’t take up every inch of your limited yard space. Not leaving enough space for kids to run around the swing set could pose some risks of someone getting hurt. It’s also about aesthetics. Most families don’t want their yard to be completely cramped because of a giant swing set. A good swing set for small yards is one that leaves additional yard space for playing.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Swing Set for a Small Yard

Finding the best swing set for your small yard is ultimately up to what your family wants. Do they want a slide attached on the side? Or a climbing wall to scale with their friends? Here are a few steps that can help ensure that you choose the best one for you:

  • Take measurements: The first step is to definitely take measurements of the space you’re willing to dedicate to a swing set in your small yard. Whether you’re hoping to buy online or in-person, you can avoid ordering the wrong thing when you know the right measurements.
  • Prioritize your wish list: Have a family conversation about the “must-haves” for your swing set. Are monkey bars necessary? A sand box? A playhouse? Pick only a few, since you’re limited on space, and prioritize those.
  • See the swing set in person: If possible, visit a showroom to see the swing set options in person. Sometimes buying online can be deceiving, or swing sets are hard to picture when you can only see a small image on a webpage.
  • Ask for recommendations: If your neighbors also have small yards and swing sets, ask for recommendations! What works well in their space may likely work well in yours. If this isn’t an option, you can always ask the professionals when you visit a showroom.

What Are Your Options With 20 Square Feet?

You can pack more swing set features in 20 square feet than you think. The Fiesta Clubhouse Package is a great swing set for a small yard because it includes a 10-foot wave slide and a climbing wall. Attached to the two swings is a 4×5-foot playhouse with a picnic table underneath.

What Are Your Options With 24 Square Feet?

If you can extend your swing set’s footprint a foot farther in each direction, our Circus Castle Pkg II is a great addition to any yard with limited room. Everything that comes with the Fiesta Clubhouse is included in the Circus Castle, plus a rope ladder on the other side of the playhouse and an additional swing beam to go along with the two free swings. There’s also a fun tire swing below the playhouse deck.

Find the Perfect Swing Set for Your Small Yard

Now that you have all the tips on buying the best swing sets for small yards, browse our kids outdoor swing set page. Use the filter to select the perfect swing set for your family!

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