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The Benefits of Owning a Rainbow Play Swing Set!

Playgrounds provide a number of benefits for children in both physical and mental capacities. Swing sets from Rainbow Play Systems do as well, in addition to having excellent safety features along with environmentally green benefits!

Physical Benefits

It’s important for children to be physically active everyday! A swing set improves motor skills, and builds strong muscles through healthy activity.

Developmental Benefits

Did you know that physical fitness also affects a child’s brain development? You can boost your child’s neurological development with physical activity on an outdoor playset!

Social Benefits

Children build important social skills like peer cooperation, boundaries, sharing, and taking turns through play. Important experiences like these can be found everywhere, including public parks!

Self-Esteem Benefits

Children can foster self-esteem and confidence with a variety of physical challenges with climbing, sliding, and swinging!

Safety Benefits

All Rainbow swing sets are thoughtfully crafted with safety features like recessed hardware, safety caps, and fastener-free equipment to keep kids healthy and safe!

Stress Relief Benefits

Help your child reduce stress and anxiety through free play and physical activity on a playset.

Pro Assembly Benefits

Take advantage of Rainbow Play’s professional installation to make sure your swing set is securely and safely in tact for years of play!

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