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Capturing Life

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Our children don’t stay little for long. Blink and you will be parents of adults!

When it comes to capturing our children on camera, most times we only photograph the “big” things. Don’t get me wrong, these are important times too, but don’t forget to take photos of them doing day-to-day things. These are the times that children will most likely remember most.


Below are a few thoughts on when to snap some photos of your kids as well as your whole family.

·         Outside doing yard work

·         Doing school work

·         On walks

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·         Playing board games

·         Meal Time

·         Spending time with friends

·         Family movie night

·         Reading

·         Daily chores

·         Playing with their favorite toys

·         Nap or quiet time

·         Hopping on or off the school bus

·         Holding up their artwork

·         Playing on their Rainbow Play System!


little girl playing

Letting your child take photos is another fun thing to do. Seeing life through their eyes is somewhat magical.

Every six months, or whatever works best for you, be sure and print your photos. You could even get a little creative and print photo books with descriptions on each page or maybe even a quote from your child from that day. These will be cherished for a lifetime and your child will love looking through them.

We would love to see photos or videos of your children on their Rainbow Play System!
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