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Sunshine Swing Sets Celebrate 25 Years

Happy 25th Anniversary to the Sunshine Swing Set Series!

It’s been twenty-five years since our most popular and best selling swing sets have been on the market! The Sunshine Series is our most sold swing set ever; the size, construction, and customizable swing set options appeal to almost every family!


·       The Sunshine swing sets come with a deck height of 5’6”, which is perfect for both big and small kids alike! Young children can easily grow into their swing set while the bigger kids still have ample space and room to play all day!

·        The construction of the Sunshine Series is state of the art, with rigid 4” x 4” ladders and A-frame legs. Components such as the safety handles, Grab-N-Go Bar, and Trapeze Triangles are powder-coated steel, which give kids a confident grip when having backyard fun. When it comes to buying a Rainbow Swing Set, safety is always the number one priority!

·       The Sunshine Castle and Sunshine Clubhouse swing sets are perfect for customized modular expansions and accessories! As children age, it’s important to provide new challenges as they grow up. When the time is right, you can add monkey bars, a penthouse, and even a 360° tube slide! There are all kinds of exciting possibilities when owning a Sunshine swing set!

Contact a local showroom near you to start customizing your very own Sunshine Castle or Clubhouse!

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