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Learning Ideas with Rainbow PlaySets

Times have changed and it’s a different world we are living in right now. Try to stay positive and let us help with some at home learning ideas to keep your children busy! With a Rainbow Play Systems playset there are many ways you can incorporate school, learning and fun! at-home-learning activities

For younger children, have them find different shapes on their playset:

  • Can you find a Circle? Triangle? Square? Or Rectangle? How many can you find of each one on your playset?!
  • How many colors do you see? Red, Blue, Yellow, etc.
  • Have a chalkboard? Have your child practice their writing skills! If they are just learning some new words, challenge them with writing some sight words down!
  • Count how many of each option. How many rocks on your playset’s rock wall? How many swings? Steps? Ropes?

For older children, challenge them with more advanced learning skills:

  • What kind of angles make up the playset? How many different angles can you find on your playset?
  • What new ideas canyou think of that would be fun to add on to their current playset?
  • Set up a scavenger hunt! Print off different pictures or place different items in and around your playset and go on a hunt to find all the different items.

Children who enjoy arts and crafts can also have learning activity fun on their playset:

  • Bring out the coloring books and crayons to enjoy the sunshine under the canopy or on the picnic bench! Download our coloring pages for free!

Remember that this is a good time to reconnect with your family and reestablish that home base. Learning can be fun with a Rainbow Play System! Let’s keep Building Childhood Memories® together!

Use the hashtags #RainbowPlay and #RainbowPlaySystems to let us know all the different ways you use your Rainbow Play System at home!

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