Understanding the Great Cunninghamia Lanceolata Tree

In the Know with Rainbow: Understanding the Great Cunninghamia Lanceolata Tree

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In the Know with Rainbow
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Understanding the Great Cunninghamia Lanceolata Tree, Also known as China Fir.

Named after Scottish surgeon Dr. James Cunninghame (died ca. 1709) who worked for the East India Company in Amoy, China.

The Cunninghamia Lanceolata is native to areas of China, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Lanceolata comes from the characterization of the lance like shape of the leaves.

Although the common name is China Fir, the Cunninghamia isn’t a true fir tree but is more closely related to the North American Redwoods. Family Cupressaceae which is part of the Cypress Family. Type of Tree: Conifer (Needled) Evergreen. Height: 150 ft. In cultivation typically grows 35 to 70 ft. Has a pleasant aroma.

Has a historic significance as a “Southern Heritage” tree. Commonly found growing around old homesteads and cemeteries throughout the southern United States.

Brookgreen Gardens in Murrell Inlet, SC has a gigantic tree that is over 80ft tall that was planted in 1968. During the holiday they decorate the tree with lights to become the focal point of the Brookgreen’s holiday spectacular, Night of a Thousand Candles. It can take up to 10 days with four lifts to the tree all decked out with LED lights.

China Fir contains wonderful decay resistant properties against 40 different fungi. This wood contains a high content of Lignin in its bark and wood that is perhaps responsible to its antifungal properties.

What gives its antifungal properties is also what makes it resistant to most insects.

All our Play Systems are built using the Heartwood of the trees. Termites tend to dislike heartwood because it contains less cellulose than the outer sapwood, making it less nutritious.

Eco Friendly: Independent studies prove that when it comes to environmental performance, natural wood is exceptional to synthetic products in every way. While other building materials generate greenhouse gases, trees remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

And unlike plastic and vinyl, wooden products are renewable and biodegradable.

Wooden Play structures, such as Rainbow Play Systems, are not only eco friendly but also have more options and are customizable.

Because wood doesn’t conduct heat the same way metal or plastic does; it is less likely to burn children while playing on those hot, sunny days.

Wood doesn’t get as slippery while wet as metal or plastic play structures do.

When properly cared for a Rainbow Play System will last a lifetime for future generations to play on.
Rainbow guarantees that structural integrity of all Cunninghamia Cedar lumber components against structural failure for the lifetime of the unit. Season checking and knots are natural characteristics of all lumber components and are not covered under our warranty.

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