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Feeling Nostalgic …

Maybe it’s time we took a step back and entertain old-school-style?

When I was a child, my mom was a member of a group (remember the Jaycettes?) that built a playground in our little hometown. I remember helping paint the monkey bars, testing out the new swings and the excitement of having a playground where my friends and I played.

nostalgic swing set

Fast forward to when I was raising my own kids in this very same small town. We lived one block away from our city park and at some point it received a face-lift with a beautiful Rainbow Play System. My kids spent hours there and it was close enough that I could just yell out the door that it was time to come home for lunch. And most times they brought a friend or two home with them.

Today we are a little over one year into the pandemic and things are slowly getting back to normal but it’s still wise to be cautious. We can start by gathering with our neighbors and close family. Host in your backyard and offer simple games like hopscotch, tag, Duck, Duck, Goose, Simon Says, Croquet or have fun time with water balloons. All kinds of games can be played on your Rainbow Play System. Obstacle courses are easy to create with your play system. For example, scale the rock wall, zip down the slide, climb Jacob’s Ladder, look through the telescope and spot a bird, back down the slide and to finish, swing through the monkey bars. Kick it up a notch by adding the Ninja Kit! Set a timer for each participant and the one who does it in the shortest amount of time is the winner. Follow the leader is also a fun game for kids to play and each child can take their turn guiding everyone through spinning on the tire swing, going down the slide, climbing the rock wall and so much more.

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I have yet to meet a child that hasn’t offered me a pretend lemonade or coffee. Rainbow Play Systems Clubhouse model offers a Lemonade Stand as an add-on and your kiddos would be thrilled to offer a REAL, refreshing lemonade to guests. Maybe your children love to entertain theatre style? Our Dream Theatre with Stools is the perfect stage for them to act out their own puppet show or a play for your guests.

ice cream cone

Our little town also had an ice cream social every summer. There were several hand-crank ice cream makers and we all shared in turning it until it was done. It was delicious! Incorporate ice cream making into your yard party. Everyone will love to participate knowing what the end result will be and doesn’t it sound like the perfect treat at the end of a fun-filled day?

Take some time to recreate some of your own childhood memories for your family and friends. Not only will it take you back to a simpler time, but it will also leave everyone with memories to last a lifetime.

We always recommend following CDC Guidelines when gathering. Stay up to date by visiting https://www.cdc.gov

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