How Our Eco-Friendly Outdoor Playsets Are Environmentally Green

How Our Eco-Friendly Outdoor Playsets Are Environmentally Green

Owning a Rainbow Play System eco-friendly outdoor playset is an environmentally responsible choice you can feel good about. We are proud to use 100% certified cedar timber — a great sustainable playground material — in the making of our swing sets. But that’s just the beginning of the green choices we make when designing and building our environmentally friendly playsets.


How We Stay Eco-Friendly

In addition to making responsible choices about sustainable playground materials, we have many other practices that make our outdoor playsets eco-friendly.

  • For every tree harvested, five new trees are planted in its place.
  • We do not discard any scraps carelessly. All “waste” or discarded wood material is used in production or recycled. While the larger pieces are milled and reused, the smaller pieces are sent through the chipper to make landscape mulch. The sawdust that is produced during production is shipped to Minnesota where it is used for poultry bedding. Once the bedding has been discarded it returns to the soil where it is used as fertilizer.

Why Our Eco-Friendly Outdoor Playsets Are the Best

All our harvested cedar trees are conifer trees which are highly decay resistant. This makes it an ideal sustainable playground material because it can be successfully utilized in outdoor environments for hundreds of years.

  • DURABILITY – Cedar is a highly revered, durable lumber species that is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects. Studies have proven cedar’s high durability to outdoor applications.
  • BEAUTY – Aesthetically, there really is no substitute for the natural beauty of cedar. Ingrained with decidedly crisp, superbly rich, tonal properties, cedar enhances traditional outdoor home decor and inspires innovative eye-pleasing architecture.
  • SUSTAINABILITY – Independent studies prove that when it comes to environmental performance, natural cedar is exceptional to synthetic products in every way. While other building materials generate greenhouse gases, cedar removes greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. And unlike plastic and vinyl, cedar is renewable and biodegradable. Plus, our cedar is sourced from the most sustainably managed forests in the world.

Sustainability is just one reason parents choose Rainbow Play Systems for their backyards. Read more about the safety specifications that make us one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

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