Child Safety & Protection Month 2016 | Rainbow Play Systems

Child Safety & Protection Month 2016

In recognition of it being Child Safety and Protection Month this November, we would like to show our support and tell you about why having your own backyard play system is beneficial to children’s safety and protection. Remember when you heard your Mom or Dad yelling at you from the house, “Come inside! It’s time for dinner!” You would come, feet dragging, back inside the house. So many good memories from childhood come from the great outdoors! More and more kids these days would rather stay inside and play on their IPad or watch TV. But here is some great news! Children can burn off some energy and they don’t even have to go very far. This is where a Rainbow Play System comes in!

There are many benefits to having your very own Rainbow Play System in your backyard. Most of them are worry free safety concerns that you may have with your local parks. Do you know how many times city workers go and scan the local park for hazards? Neither do we! With your own Rainbow Play System in your very own backyard you won’t ever have to worry about if your kids are safe at the park. And you may have kids that are not old enough to go to the park on their own yet. Great! Now you have something fun for them to do right at home in your backyard.

There are other dangers at the local park as well that may have you thinking twice. Such as, hazardous material and foreign objects that may find their way onto local parks play sets such as broken glass, alcohol bottles, and unfortunately the latest trend; needles! Scary!

Unfortunately, the local park is an unpredictable place. That is why your very own Rainbow Play System is the perfect idea for your family. You can send the kids out to play while the dinner is cooking or if you have a baby sound asleep in the other room. Or if you have friends over, you can send the kids outdoors to play while the adults get together inside or on the porch to watch the fun!

So what are you waiting for?! There are so many great benefits to be found for having your very own Rainbow Play System in your own backyard. Don’t waste the worry on the local park! Your kids will love picking out their very own play system today at your local Rainbow showroom!

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