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Alden Pools & Play – Rainbow Play Systems of Alden New York

Alden Pools & Play is your Rainbow Play Systems Distributor in Alden, New York

They provide sales, maintenance and a drive through showroom! We visited with Alden Pools & Play about their playground equipment business.

Rainbow Play Systems:
How long have you been a distributor of Rainbow Play Systems?

Alden Pools & Play:
Alden Pools & Play has provided premium quality backyard swing sets to the Buffalo, Rochester, & Western Ney York area for over a 25 years now!

Rainbow Play Systems:
What services do you offer at Alden Pools & Play?

Alden Pools & Play:
We are a full service Rainbow Distributor!

·      Playset Services

·      Assembly of your new Rainbow Play System or driveway delivery

·      Moving your Rainbow Play System to your new yard

·      Staining your faded swing set

Alden Pools & Spa in Alden, New York

Rainbow Play Systems:
Why did you choose Rainbow Play Systems as your preferred swing set?

Alden Pools & Play:
As long-time suppliers of pool and entertainment products, we know the importance of safety and reliability. This is why we offer long-lasting, high-quality pools, swing sets, trampolines and more to help ensure you and your guests have the safest and most fun experience when using our products.

Rainbow Play Systems:
Covid-19 created some challenges during a time when families were seeking outdoor options for their children. What modifications did you make?

Alden Pools & Play:
We had a huge demand for Play Sets when COVID-19 hit. Families were looking for ways to get their kids outside to keep them active. Due to State Mandate we had to close our showroom to foot traffic. People wanted to see the size of Rainbow Play Systems and all the options available so we created a drive-through showroom. We also continued to offer curbside pick up and driveway delivery.

Alden Pools Play Drive Through Showroom
Click to view their drive through showroom


Alden Pools and Play is now the largest indoor Rainbow Play and swimming pool showroom in all of New York State! Be sure to check us out!

Alden Pools Play Alden New YorkAlden Pools & Play
12890 Broadway
Alden, NY 14004

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