Exclusive Super Duty Swing Beams

The Rainbow Exclusive Swing Beam design is engineered with incredible structural integrity and built to last a lifetime. What is a swing set swing beam? Rainbow swing set swing beams are long suspended beams that extend from the playset to an A-Frame, allowing for extended length of the swing set. It is a beam that can hold options like sling swings, sky curve swings, tire swings, gliders and trapeze triangles that need independent lateral motion.
Mix swing accessories to customize your very own Rainbow Play swing set with a 3 Position Swing Beam!

Find the Right Size for the Backyard & the Family!

A 2-position swing beam is standard for a Rainbow Play Systems Swing Set!
An inside 3-position swing beam can have up to three swing accessories!
The 4-position swing beam is the largest offered Swing Beam.

The A-Frame Design is Adjustable for Unlevel Backyards!

An Extended A-Frame Leg on a sloping backyard.
An Extra Long A-Frame Leg creates stability even when the yard is unlevel.
Dual Extended A-Frame Legs are an option as well if one isn’t enough!

Endless Customization and Swing Accessories!

A Baby Bucket Swing is great for families with young children.
The standard Sling Swing in Blue.
The standard Sling Swing in Red.
The standard Sling Swing in Forest Green.
The Yellow Flat Swing provides upright stability and comfort.
The Trapeze Triangles Combo is a unique accessory with many uses.
The Trapeze Triangles Combo with Plastistol Dipped Steel Rings.
The Sky Curve Swing can support multiple kids, sitting or upright!
Find comfort and excitement in the Ship Swing - great for kids of all ages!
Get creative with the 2-Chain Tire Swing.
Nothing beats an old fashioned 4-Chain Tire Swing accessory!
The Trapeze Triangles with Buoy Ball can be used in many ways!
Get comfortable on a warm summer day with the Hammock Swing.
The Chin-Up Bar for the Swing Beam is a great option for fitness enthusiasts.
The popular Web Swing fits multiple kids.
The Glider is a great option for our value swing sets!
The Deluxe Glider is sturdy and doubles the fun for kids of all ages!
The Rope Swing w/ Disc is just that, but it can be climbed as well!
The Buoy Ball is a comfortable option for a swing beam
Let off some steam with the Punching Bag swing accessory!
An Air Pogo swing beam accessory is a safe alternative to a pogo stick.
The Single Lawn Swing is the perfect place for children to relax on a hot day.
A Double Lawn Swing is a great option for kids and adults to enjoy!

Other Swing Accessories for Additional Customization!

A Swing Beam Bench provides a space to sit while pushing kids on the swing.
A Riser Block elevates the swing beam, providing adjustable support.
A Header on top of a large swing beam adds stability and reduces wear.