The Mighty Rainbow Play System’s Penthouse

The Mighty Rainbow Penthouse is an original design created by Rainbow in 1985. Rainbow was the first to create this unique penthouse design. It’s so popular that the competition often tries to imitate our Penthouse design, but these Penthouse versions just don’t compare to the size, strength and durability of the Mighty Rainbow Penthouse.

The Rainbow Penthouse has incredible design freedom, creating a “high in the sky” Penthouse experience for your children. It’s so incredible that it can be configured into over 100 different Penthouse variations.

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The Circus Penthouse is the perfect addition for smaller swing sets!

Add a New Level of Fun to Any Swing Set!

The Sunshine Penthouse gives children a whole new view of the backyard.
For more play space, a King Kong Penthouse is the answer!
Go big with a Jumbo Penthouse on a Circus swing set!

Customize Your Penthouse with Unique Options!

Penthouse Customization
A Rainbow Penthouse with a Green Canopy, two Extended Bubble Panels, & Ship’s Wheel.
Penthouse Customization
A Monster Penthouse with Wood Roof, Extended Bubble Panel, Crow’s Nest, & Binoculars.
Penthouse Customization
A King Kong Penthouse with Double Extended Bubble Panel & 180º Crawl Tunnel.

Penthouses Accommodate Slides of All Sizes!

176 270 Spiral Slide
A 270º Tube Slide attached to a Sunshine Penthouse.
Penthouse Slide
A 360º Tube Slide attached to a Rainbow Penthouse.
Penthouse Slides
A King Kong Penthouse includes both a 360º & a Squiggle Wiggle Tube Slide!