Exclusive Super Duty Monkey Bars

Kids can improve their dexterity and strength hanging around on the Rainbow Play System Monkey Bars! Rainbow’s Exclusive Super Duty Monkey Bars are available in many sizes with many exciting variations. Featuring timber construction for the support and top ladders, it’s safe for both climbing and standing. Extra wide steps on the support ladders and the notched wooden brackets make for an ultra-stable design. All Monkey Bars have easy to grab top ladder rungs which are either powder coated or plastisol dipped for improved grip. These sturdy monkey bars can accommodate a Mighty Rainbow Penthouse on the top for extra fun!
The Monkey Bars are an easy add-on that’s fun to customize with many accessories and options!

Monkey Bars are Engineered with Safety in Mind!

Made with extra wide steps for safe climbing, standing, or sitting.
Safety handles on the ladder provide support and balance.
Exclusive multi-hole mounting system accommodates unlevel yards.

A Great Challenge for Kids Who Like to Climb!

Ring Treks are a unique addition to any set of monkey bars!
Kids can hang around on the Dual Shimmy Bar add-on!
Give kids a challenge with the Ninja Training Kit.