Exclusive Scoop Kids Playset Slide

The Rainbow Exclusive Scoop Slide is a double wall scoop playset slide. It's engineered with strength and safety in mind, making this playset slide perfect for both kids and toddlers! The slide’s scoop bed design keeps kids in the center of the slide, while the extra high sides create a secure sliding experience. The double wall construction is engineered for maximum strength and structural integrity. The Scoop slides fit playsets of varying heights, depending on which series of playsets you have. The 10’ Scoop Slide goes with the Carnival’s 5’ Deck Height and the Sunshine’s 5’ 2” Deck Height. The 10.5’ Scoop Slide is built for the Rainbow Series with the Deck Height of 5’ 8”. The 11.5’ Safety Scoop Slide is for the Monster Series 6’ Deck Height, while the 14’ Safety Scoop Slide goes with the King Kong series 7’ 2” Deck Height.Contact Us
Exclusive Scoop Slide
A 10.5’ double wall scoop slide on a Carnival Castle playset – the perfect addition to any backyard playground!

Find the Best Slide For Your Swing Set

Exclusive Scoop Slide
Grab grooves create a fun and safe way to use the playset slide as a climbing ramp!
Exclusive Scoop Slide
The Rainbow Scoop Slide’s structural integrity is unmatched by other kids’ outdoor slides!
Exclusive Scoop Slide
The slide is supported by 4” x 6” big beam timber legs, creating a safe exit.

Spiral Backyard Slides

Rainbow Play Systems offers two different sizes for spiral slides for your swing set! The 360º Spiral Slide is great for larger playsets, the entrance is typically from the penthouse. The 270º Spiral Slide is our budget-friendly option. Perfect for adding a unique element to any backyard play structure!Contact Us
360º Spiral Slide
A 360º Spiral Slide attaches to a penthouse on a Rainbow Clubhouse Swing Set.

The 360º Spiral Slide

Rainbow’s 360º spiral slide is 20% larger in diameter and has a more consistent circular ride down! The walls are 200% thicker, and has less seams than our competitor’s version! The 360º spiral slide includes a big beam, wooden pedestal base for extra support and stability.

360º Spiral Slide Parts
The 360º Spiral Slide is constructed from 7 pieces weighing 180 lbs.
360º Spiral Slide
The slide landing is made from a sturdy timber base - ensuring a safe exit.
360º Spiral Slide
Made from heavy-duty high-density polyethylene, for a durable kids’ outdoor slide.

The 270º Spiral Slide

Rainbow’s 270º Spiral Slide has twice as thick walls, less seams, and a double wall molded base for a secure landing unlike our competitor’s version of this playset slide!

20º Spiral Slide
The 270º slide is constructed from 5 pieces weighing 120 lbs.
360º Spiral Slide
Heavier is better, making it twice as solid as any competitor’s kids’ outdoorslide.
360º Spiral Slide
No swing set is complete without a slide! A great addition to any swing with a penthouse or taller deck!

Wave Slides

The Rainbow Double Wall Wave Slides create a fun and safe sliding experience for all ages! Wave Slides have a fantastic design which allows an exciting wave into the slide bedway. The double wall construction is engineered for maximum strength for the highest level of safety and the most attractive appearance. The extra high sides run the entire length of this kid’s outdoor slide, and run higher at the entrance point. All of this creates the safest possible wave slide design for kids of any age. Our 10’ Wave Slide can go with either the Carnival or Sunshine Series.Contact Us
Double Wall Wave Slide
A safe and fun way to create an exciting slide experience for kids of all ages!

A Fantastic Slide That Creates Waves!

Wave Slide
The Wave Slide is engineered with strength and structural integrity in mind.
Wave Slide
Solid mounting bolts secure the Wave Slide to the deck.
Wave Slide Base
Designed so both feet are firmly planted upon the exit of the slide.

Playground and Backyard Slides FAQs

Yes, all of our swing sets have the ability to add a slide. Depending on which swing set you choose, the slide options vary.

Our slides have a 24” overall width, with an 18” bedway. This means that the diameter of the widest part of the slide is 24” and the seat width is 18”.

The height of our slides also varies depending on which design you purchase. The Wave Slide and the Exclusive Scoop Slide is the shortest slide, while the Super Scoop slide is available in 11’ and 15’ sizes.