Complete Your Playhouse with A Rock Climbing Wall

Add a whole new level of fun to your Rainbow Play playhouse with a rock climbing wall! Encourage dexterity and strength with our fun rock climbing walls, available in different sizes and styles to accommodate your playhouse. Our durable rock climbing wall options are made from high-quality timber, with powder-coated or plastisol-dipped “rock” grips so they’re easy to grab. Discover the rock climbing wall suitable for your playhouse below for the ultimate Rainbow Play backyard set up.

Unlevel Yard Extended Rock Wall, Castle

This rock climbing wall for our Castle playhouses is built with durability in mind. Built for uneven yards, the rock wall is reinforced on the back, and can accommodate yards that are not perfectly flat. Fun multi-shaped “rocks” lead the way up the castle, with a rope to help guide!

Girl climbing rock wall on a castle playset built for unlevel yards

Rock Wall, Clubhouse

The perfect rock climbing wall for your Clubhouse playhouse! A shorter rock climbing wall than the one on the Castle playhouse, this one is great for smaller climbers. Grab onto the rocks and reach your way up, or use the rope for some extra leverage!

Boy climbing rock wall on a clubhouse playset

Rainbow Play Village Single Bay Rock Wall

In need of a rock climbing wall for your commercial playhouse? The Rainbow Play Village Single Bay Rock Wall is a fun way for climbers to reach the slide and other parts of the commercial playhouse.

Boy climbing rock wall on a village playset

Rainbow Play Village Rock Wall

Another great rock climbing wall option for commercial playhouses, this rock wall comes with shallow safety guards on the sides to help guide the climber up the wall. Easy-to-grab “rocks” create a fun path to slides and other parts of commercial playhouses.

Two boys on a rock wall

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