Sturdy & Strong Spiral Slides | Rainbow Play Systems

Rainbow’s Exclusive Spiral Slides for Swing Sets

Rainbow Play’s Spiral Slides for swing sets beat the competition with their incredibly sturdy engineering. Our spiral slides are stronger in weight, thickness, better ride and provide more fun!

The 360º Spiral Slide

Rainbow’s 360º spiral slides have More Action and More Fun!

  • A full 360º turn.
  • Weight is 6 times as much as the competitor’s spiral slide.
  • 20% larger diameter than competitor’s spiral slide.
  • 200% thicker walls than competitor’s slide.
  • A more consistent circular ride compared to competitor’s “corkscrew” slide design.
  • Full elbow design creates 50% less seams than the competitor’s split elbow design.
  • Includes a heavy duty, big beam, wooden pedestal base for extra support and stability.
  • Manufactured with rotationally molded high density polyethylene, the same material in commercial playground slides for over 50 years.
  • Backed by Rainbow’s Exclusive Lifetime Warranty

The 270º Spiral Slide

Rainbow’s 270º spiral slides are twice as solid!

  • Weight is 4 times as much as competitor’s spiral slide
  • 100% thicker walls than competitor’s spiral slide.
  • Full piece elbow sections create 50% less seams more than the competitor’s spiral slide.
  • Double wall molded landing section is twice as solid as competitor’s spiral slide single wall lightweight landing.

The Competitor’s Lightweight Spiral Slide

  • Other competitors offer an economy spiral slide with thin walls, split elbow construction and a “corkscrew” design.


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