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Sawyer’s Wish… His Very Own Playset

Blue Grass Garden Centre, the Rainbow Play Systems distributor in Calgary, AB, recently teamed up with Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, Farmboy Landscaping, Rymar Synthetic Grass Limited and Lutes Building Center to create a backyard haven for Sawyer Murray and his family.

Sawyer has central core disease, a muscle disorder that affects his core muscles. With the addition of a custom-designed Rainbow Play System and some other awesome features, Sawyer and his siblings can play and enjoy their backyard as a family for years to come! The Supersized Sunshine Clubhouse has a wheelchair accessible picnic table, scoop slide and other fantastic features that Sawyer and his siblings can play on.

Making His Wish Come True

We were able to interview Steve Neubauer and Blue Grass Ltd., our authorized Rainbow Play Systems distributor in Calgary, AB. Here is how they were able to help make Sawyer’s Wish come true.

Rainbow Play: Tell us, how did you come to helping Sawyer’s Wish come true?!
Steve: This was another amazing Rainbow Play System Wish, which we have been fortunate to work with the Children’s Wish Foundation – Southern Alberta to make happen! There is actually a lot more to this story; as the original play system was donated by Blue Grass Ltd. as part of the winning package for the Rotary Club’s Dream Home at the 2015 Calgary Stampede. Last year’s Dream Home winner did not have young children or family that would appreciate the play system; so we made arrangements to have the Rainbow Play System be made available to the Children’s Wish Foundation. Over the 10 years that we have donated a Rainbow Play System towards the Rotary Club’s Dream Home, a couple of them have also generously been passed on by the winners to the Wish Foundation and other charitable organizations.
I have always had a great working relationship with the Children’s Wish Foundation, and eagerly look forward to the next one!
Rainbow Play: Did you work with the Murray family to pick out a play system, or the Children’s Wish Foundation? Was Sawyer involved in picking the unit or accessories?
Steve: Yes, we were restricted by space and were looking for a design that would be compatible with Sawyer’s Wheelchair. We also were made aware that Sawyer has 4 siblings so we strived to make it fun for everyone. Sawyer was involved with some of the features (slide & swings) and accessories that were chosen; including a driving wheel for the lower level!
Rainbow Play: What unit did they choose, and is there any special reason that unit was chosen? Were there any special accessories/options for Sawyer included?
Steve: Due to the space and shape of the area and clearances allowed, we used a Supersized Sunshine Clubhouse to maximize the number of openings and features that could be added. With the help of your Rainbow Play Systems’ Research and Design department located in Brookings, SD, we included a customized, extended picnic table for Sawyer to access with his wheelchair. We were then able to mount the driving wheel on this extension, as well as a talk tube for Sawyer to communicate with his siblings and friends on the upper deck.
Rainbow Play: Were you able to see the play system get revealed to the Murray kids?
Steve: Our Rainbow Crew was fortunate enough to witness this exciting moment!
Rainbow Play: Did your company do the installation or did they have volunteers do it?
Steve: As part of our original agreement with the original donation to the Rotary Club; Blue Grass donates both the delivery and installation of the play system.

All of us at the Rainbow Play System’s Corporate headquarters in Brookings, SD are so very happy for Sawyer Murray and his family! We also extend our deepest gratitude to all the businesses involved in helping make this wonderful wish come true!

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