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October 2016 Featured Playsets & Swing Sets

This October is a great time to start thinking about gifts for the kids! How about a Rainbow Playset? If you have a playset, a new option like a swing, a slide or monkey bars would also make great gifts. Maybe this will help with some ideas… Here are some of our favorite playsets this October. You can also enjoy browsing our large selection of wooden playsets!

October 2016 Featured Playsets

Fiesta Clubhouse Package II Popular w/ 3 Pos. Inside Swing Beam
Have a small yard? Not a problem. Rainbow has a swing set for any size yard. Just take a look at this Fiesta Clubhouse with a 10’ Double Wall Wave Slide, Rock Wall, Built In Picnic Table and a 3 Position Swing Beam.

Circus Castle Package II w/ 3 Pos. Inside Swing Beam
Our Circus series is another option for a smaller yard. This Circus Castle features a 10’ Double Wall Wave Slide, Step/Rung Ladder, 360º Tire Swing under the 4’ x 5.5’ Castle fort.

Monster Castle Package V Supersized Texas Tornado Triple Tube Combo
Do you kids just love slides? Than this Texas Tornado Triple Tube Combo is for you. This set has three tube slides: 360º Spiral Slide, and two Swoop Slides. Plus you have the Rock Wall, 360º Race Car Tire Swing, Monkey Bars under the Penthouse and a 4 Position Swing Beam with Header.

King Kong Clubhouse Package V Ginormous
Our King Kong Clubhouse series is a serious Clubhouse. The King Kong Clubhouse Pkg V Ginormous has a Crow’s Nest and 360º Spiral Slide on the Penthouse with Monkey Bars, a 15’ Super Scoop Slide and Ramp. Plus Lower Level Clubhouse with Door and a Picnic Table.

Rainbow has a variety of playsets that will fit any size family and yard. All of our Swing Sets are available in the Red, Yellow & Blue Canopy, Forest Green Canopy, or Wood Roof options. Contact your local showroom today! Find a Rainbow Showroom here.

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