November is National Child Safety & Protection Month | Rainbow Play Systems

November is National Child Safety & Protection Month

A Safe Swingset = Happy Kids & Happy Parents!
In the spirit of National Child Safety and Protection Month, Rainbow Pay Systems would like to provide everybody with a few safety tips to help keep the youngsters safe on their swing set.

The most important aspect in safeguarding children is proper adult supervision. Spot them on climbing accessories like rock walls, chain ladders, or monkey bars. Talk to your kids and make them aware of behavior and activities that are risky or unacceptable. Warn children not to run in front of swings or slides. Instruct them not to tie items such as jump ropes or pet leashes to the playset, and make sure they are not wearing scarves, bike helmets, hooded jackets, and jackets with draw strings, as any of these items may pose a strangulation hazard.

Protective Surfacing
A majority of injuries on outdoor play equipment happen as a result of falls, the worst of these being head injuries. Many falls happen when kids climb up a slide and lose their balance, or when kids jump off the swings. Having the proper depth of loose-fill surface material, rubber tiles, or poured-in-place surface under and around your playground can greatly reduce the extent of an injury. Check the CPSC recommendations in the Outdoor Home Playground Safety Handbook for the proper depth of each material.

Another, less thought of way to help protect kids, is performing proper maintenance on your play system. Always make sure the play area is free from trip hazards, such as sticks and debris. Checking and tightening hardware, checking and sanding down rough spots, and inspecting and maintaining your protective surfacing, especially if you use a loose-fill material such as mulch or gravel, should be done regularly throughout the usage season. To keep the structural integrity of your wooden playset in top condition, apply a sealant every 12-18 months to protect and preserve the wood.

Play safe everyone!

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