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New Swing Sets & Options Added in 2016

In 2016, we have added many new swing sets and swing sets options. Read on to hear about all the new and exciting additions!

New Options Added:

Browsing through our three NEW for 2016 catalogs, we have lots of new swing sets options to highlight and new models to showcase.

In our NEW for 2016 Cedar Swing Sets Collection catalog, we have new options available for our Fiesta, Circus, Carnival and Turbo series’.
Exclusively for the Carnival Clubhouse, we have a Lower Level Playhouse (65E) and an Upper Level Cabin (65F). We have several new swing beam options, including a 1 Position Swing Beam (68B) for small yards or small families, and a 4 Position Swing Beam (68G) for big yards and big families. The Punching Bag (67I) and Swing Beam Bench (68H) are two new options that can be added to any of our different swing beams.  A couple great new features for adding even more climbing and sliding fun to your new Cedar Collection play set are the Corkscrew Climber (66H) and the 270° Spiral Slide (69E).

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We also have several new options and accessories in our NEW for 2016 Redwood Collection catalog.
In place of our standard rails, we have always had a number of different options available, but we have now added a new Bay Window Rail Panel (75E) and a Mirror Panel (75G). On our Sunshine, Rainbow and Monster Castle models you can now replace the standard 360° Tire Swing (81B) with our new Swinging Tent (81G). If you have a set of monkey bars, we have a new Chin Up Bar (77I) for some added fun and a little bit of exercise too. Challenge your youngster to a muscle match and see who can do more chin ups.

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New Play Systems Added:

Besides all of the new options and accessories for 2016, we have new swing sets that will show you everything we are capable of creating for your family.


For 2016 we have revamped our entire Cedar Collection to give you the best playsets, which are not only big in size, but big in value as well.  Starting with our Fiesta Castle and Fiesta Clubhouse, we have a great series that is built for value, but still has the ability to customize with several different roof options, color accents, slides, and swing beam options.  The Circus series is a great step up if you need the ability to customize and accessorize.  Adding on to the Circus is easy with our Monkey Bar, Penthouse, and new 270° Spiral Slide add-ons. Our Carnival Castle and Clubhouse models come with the same super duty construction we use on our Redwood collection.  Plus unique options for the Carnival Clubhouse, like the Lower Level Playhouse, Clubhouse Ramp, and Upper Level Cabin. The pinnacle of our Cedar Collection is our brand new Turbo series. The Turbo Castle is 10” taller, and the Turbo Clubhouse has dual level decks at 5’ and 5’ 10”.  This means higher swinging, longer sliding and bigger climbing surfaces.  Everything is turbocharged on these models. View the 2016 Cedar Collection catalog to find a play set your whole family will love.


We love what our Redwood Collection has become since our inception in 1985. In our 2016 Redwood Collection we believe we have a wonderfully diverse line of play systems that will suit the needs of every family. We can modify each of our 100% Redwood models to your particular yard size, budget, or particular family necessities.

Design 12B is our Sunshine Castle Pkg III Supersized Funky Monkey, which features Monkey Bars with Dual Ring Trek, Tic-Tac-Toe Panel, Chalkboard Panel, and a Swing Beam Bench to sit and enjoy every smile and giggle. Our Design 29A, Monster Castle Pkg IV Tricked Out, has a Supersized Deck, a Penthouse with a Crow’s Nest and Extended Bubble and a 90° Tube Slide. This one is sure to win over the whole family.  In our Clubhouse style, Design 54 is the Rainbow Clubhouse Pkg II Fully Equipped to the Max, and we believe the name says it all. This unit has everything, including a Picnic Table, our new Corkscrew Climber, and a Deluxe Glider, 4-Chain Tire Swing and Trapeze with Buoy Ball on our huge 4 Position Swing Beam. For some seriously huge fun, you have to check out Design 70, the King Kong Clubhouse Pkg V Ginormous.  This massive play system has a 15’ Super Scoop Slide and a 360° Spiral Slide, Playhouse Panels on one side and a Removable Picnic Table on the other, and so much more that you have to see it for yourself!

View our Redwood Collection online today, or request a copy.


Our Special Order Gallery is our way of showing you just a few of the amazing possibilities that can be created with Rainbow Play Systems.  We have a number of new and unique play systems in our new for 2016 Special Order Collection.

We have three new models to introduce in our Nautical Adventure series featured at the center of our Special Order Collection.  The Ship Pkg II, Creation #46, is a massive play system that belongs in an adventure on the seas instead of your backyard. With multiple decks, a gang plank, a 15’ Super Scoop Slide, and details too numerous to list, this set is sure to please every backyard buccaneer! Creation #50, is our fantastic Ship Pkg II w/ 360° Spiral Slide. This system includes a rope cargo net, a ship bed in the lower deck, and a 360° Spiral Slide to give any rapscallions an easy escape route.  The Ship Pkg IV, Creation #52, is our biggest galleon in the Rainbow Play Systems fleet. Including everything from The Ship Pkg II, we improved this unit with our King Kong Monkey Bars, a huge King Kong Penthouse, and a Crow’s Nest for shouting “Land ho!” to all the little scalawags on board.

The Huckleberry Hideout Pkg IV Magic, Creation #40, is a monstrous system with enough features and options to keep your entire neighborhood busy.  From the gigantic Clubhouse Rock Wall on one end to the Monkey Bars with Dual Shimmy Bars & Penthouse with Wood Roof, this play set is way more than just another backyard swing set.  We also included the Lower-Level Playhouse with Door, our 12 ½’ Super Scoop Slide and our 3 Position Inside Swing Beam with Deluxe Adult Bench.

We also have a few old school units from years past that we wanted to bring back this year to demonstrate that Rainbow Play Systems is the only place to go if you want something truly unbelievable in your backyard.  The Extreme Series is appropriately named, and starts with a behemoth in the Jhon E Cash Resort & Country Club, Creation #64.  This colossus has two 90° Tube Slides, a giant Rock Wall, eight Bubble Panels, a Tic-Tac-Toe Panel, and two huge inner chambers that can be used for anything from a gloomy dungeon, to a secret hideout for mobsters or robbers, to a captain’s quarters, mad scientist’s workshop, to a fantastic dance floor, or a musical lounge.

The Extreme Series also includes the town-sized structure called the Metropolis, Creation #68, and The Big Enchilada, Creation #66, which is packed with enormous activities like the 15’ Super Scoop Slide, an oversized Rock Wall, and a gigantic 360° Spiral Slide.  And we can’t forget to mention our biggest clubhouse ever, the MEGA Clubhouse, Creation #70.  The MEGA Clubhouse has ten levels of multi-level climbing, four Straight Tube Slides, two 9’ Scoop Slides, four Billy Goat Bridges, and eight Crawl Tunnels. Take a look at the 2016 Special Order Collection to see the potential that Rainbow has to offer your family.

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