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New Swing Sets & Options Added in 2015

While looking through the NEW 2015 Design Book Catalog, customers will notice new options and swings sets have been added. They will also notice the 2015-featured model for this year’s 30th anniversary, the Sunshine Castle Package II Most Popular. Upon visiting their local showroom, customers will also be able to see the New 2015 Showcase Edition, which includes all the sets from this year’s catalog as well as some additional sets.

New Options Added:

In design book 1, you will see new options added such as: 14I, which is a Jacobs Rope Ladder that is now available for a clubhouse design. Also, 16A The Fire Pole and 16D the Bell are two new features available for both Clubhouse and Castle Designs.

In Design book 2 we have quite a few new features available. Customers will notice that the All-American series now features its own set of options that are similar to our full set options. Monkey Bars and Penthouse options can now make your All-American set into a Package III and a Package IV. Other options, such as the Ramp, Fire Pole and the Store Front Panel with Stools are now available for the All-American Clubhouse’s.

New Swing Sets Added:

In addition to the many new options, this year also features new sets in and out of the catalog. Shown in the Design book 1, you will notice 24B the Rainbow Castle Package II with Wood Roof, 55C the Sunshine Castle with Tower, and 55D the Rainbow Castle with Tower. Rainbow has also brought back 5 former sets in celebration of this year’s 30th Anniversary. More new sets are available to look at in the Showroom Edition or online.

Design Book 2 also features some new All- American Castles and Clubhouse Packages. In addition, Rainbow has brought the Backyard Circus series.

To celebrate this year’s 30th anniversary, we have decided to feature our most popular selling set, 23 The Sunshine Castle Package II Most Popular. For a closer look, get your copy of this year’s catalog  OR  check it out online!


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