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March 2016 Featured Swing Sets

Happy Spring! Here are our favorite swing sets for March 2016. Rainbow has a variety of swing sets that can be custom designed for your family, space and children’s needs.

FCA2-II Fiesta Castle Package II Spacesaver w/1 Pos. Swing Beam. Forest Green
This small yard Fiesta Castle offers many of the play features as our other castles. With the 360º Tire Swing under the 4’ x 4.5’ Castle supported by a Step/Rung Ladder on one side and a Rock Wall on the other. This castle also features our new 1 Position Swing Beam with a 4” x 4” Timber A-Frame Legs.

CICH6-III Circus Clubhouse Package III Spacesaver w/2 Pos. Swing Beam. Forest Green
The Circus Clubhouse is another set that is good for small yards. This Clubhouse has a 4.5’ x 5’ Clubhouse with Rock Climbing Wall w/ Rope, Step Ladder and 10’ Double Wall Wave Slide. Plus there is the Monkey Bars, 2 Position Swing Beam and Picnic Table.

CCA9-III Carnival Castle Package III w/Scoop Slide & 3 Pos. Swing Beam. Forest Green
New for 2016 our Carnival Castles Pkg III w/Scoop Slide feature a 5’ x 5’ Castle, Rock Wall, Step/Rung Ladder, & Monkey Bars. The 3 Position Swing Beam comes with 2 Sling Swings and a Knotted Rope with Flying Saucer.

TTCH11-IV Turbo Clubhouse Package IV w/4 Pos. Swing Beam. Forest Green
The New for 2016 Turbo Clubhouses feature a two 58” x 58” Clubhouses. The Package IV includes a 31” 58” Penthouse. Along with the two Clubhouses there is a Double Deep Sandbox and Picnic Table underneath.

Rainbow is sure to have to a swing set that will be perfect for you and your family. All of our swing sets are available in the Red, Yellow & Blue Canopy, Forest Green Canopy, or Wood Roof options. Find and contact your local Rainbow Showroom today and get started on building your very own Rainbow!

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