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Dominic Raises Money for a Playground

Every child deserves the chance to have their own backyard and their very own Rainbow® play set, but in some situations that is not possible.  With the determination of 10-year old Dominic Ballou and the support of his family, friends, and local community, he and the other children in a low income housing development in St. Joseph, MN will have that opportunity.

Dominic, a 4th grader, is collecting donations for a new Rainbow® swing set to replace the old metal playground in his community.  Rainbow Play Systems of Saint Cloud has agreed to match the funds Ballou raises to help him reach his goal.

To read more about Ballou’s story, and find out how to help Ballou, visit this link on the Saint Cloud Times.

Here is a video of the news story about Dominic Ballou’s dream.

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