Commercial Playground Equipment - Park & Recreation Month 2015

Building Commercial Playground Equipment Since 1990

This July is National Park and Recreation Month, and we would like to recognize how playgrounds and parks are a great place for children to stay active and healthy in the great outdoors.

Physical activity for growing children is always important, and a community park can be a great place for them to be active. Playgrounds don’t just offer physical exercise, but also help with the development of other necessary skills that are needed throughout life. These different skills can impact their social, emotional & even educational aspects of their lives.

Rainbow builds a product line of commercial playground equipment called, Rainbow Play Village®. We have been building top-notch commercial playground equipment since 1990! We bring our 25 years of experience in building quality commercial playgrounds to your schools, parks, churches, day cares, and wherever children may play. We not only have great commercial playgrounds, but also offer a variety of choices that range in age groups, child capacity and even being ADA accessible.

You can be rest assured your children are playing on the safest playgrounds manufactured today. Rainbow’s commercial playgrounds are designed to meet or exceed ASTM (American Standards for Testing and Materials) safety standards for public playgrounds.

The Rainbow Play Village® playgrounds are now available through our network of over 250 Rainbow Showrooms, so you will be able to work with someone local to you, and take advantage of Rainbow’s professional installation service!


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