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August 2015 Featured Swing Sets

Each month, we like to highlight our featured swing sets, providing you a more detailed look at some of our swing set designs. Here are the August 2015 featured swing sets:

48B Sunshine Castle Package I Spacesaver
Even a smaller yard can have a Rainbow® with this Sunshine Castle Package I Spacesaver playset. This castle features a husky Double Accessory Arm with a Sling Swing and Trapeze/Rings Combo making it a more compact footprint. Along with a 360º Tire Swing, Rock Wall, Step/Chain Ladder and 10ft Double Wall Wave Slide.

48E King Kong Castle Supersized Package IV Spacesaver 

This King Kong Castle playset has endless fun with its Rock Wall, 360º Spiral Slide and Monkey Bar with Shimmy Bars. There is also a 32in x 61in Penthouse with a Crow’s Nest for your little princess’ tower.

49A Sunshine Clubhouse Package II Spacesaver
This Sunshine Clubhouse playset features a compact layout with the Step Ladder next to the 10ft Scoop slide and a 2 Position Swing Beam. Below there is a 5ft x 5ft Double Deep Sandbox with an above Clubhouse.

49F Sunshine Clubhouse Package Pkg II Spacesaver with
Upper-Level Cabin, Lower-Level Playhouse & More
What kid doesn’t want a secret hide-away. This Sunshine Clubhouse playset offers just that with it Upper-Level enclosed Cabin and Lower-Level Playhouse. But you can still keep an eye on the little ones with the A-Frame Bench next to the Bucket Swing.

Rainbow Play is sure to have to a swing set that will be perfect for you and your family. All of our swing sets are available in the Red, Yellow & Blue Canopy, Forest Green Canopy, or Wood Roof options. Contact your local showroom today. Find a Rainbow Showroom nearest you.

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