April 2015 Featured Swing Sets | Rainbow Play Systems

April 2015 Featured Swing Sets

Hours of Fun – 26C Monster Castle Package IV Play Set
This Monster Castle swing set has something for everyone. The Rock Wall, Step/Chain Ladder and Monkey Bars you have something for all the little climbers in your family. Plus the 9ft Swing Beams allow for your swingers to swing super high.

Something To Grow Into Not Out Of – 36B King Kong Clubhouse Package III Play Set
This King Kong play set has two Clubhouse forts, a picnic table and a sandbox. It’s guaranteed to have enough space for everyone to play! The 4×6 Rock Wall is sure to be a fun challenge to even the older kids.

Small footprint, Big on Fun – 48C Sunshine Castle Package I Spacesaver with 90º Tube Slide Play Set
This spacesaver play set has a 15ft 90º Tube slide, Rock Wall and an Accessory Arm with a Sling Swing. Not to mention the 360º Tire Swing under the fort. It might not look big, but it is sure to still be a big hit with the kids!

Castle Tower Combo – 55D Rainbow Castle with Tower Play Set
This Castle is two swing sets in one! This Rainbow Castle features the new Tower silhouette with a 3 Position Swing Beam in between that includes two Sling Swing and a Deluxe Glider. It also includes some of our new features such as the Fire Pole and Megaphone.

Rainbow is sure to have to a swing set that will be perfect for you and your family. All of our Swing Sets are available in the Red, Yellow & Blue Canopy, Forest Green Canopy, or Wood Roof options. Contact your local showroom today! Find a Rainbow Showroom here.

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