Pay To Play On A Rainbow Swing Set

Did you know that some Rainbow showrooms offer Pay-to-Play?! You can go to any showroom locations listed below and let your child play on a variety of Rainbow Play Swing Sets while you relax and watch them have the time of their lives!

There are many reasons and benefits to go to Pay-to-Play programs. Maybe you live in a location where owning a Rainbow at this time is not an option, or it could be that it is simply too cold or hot or rainy to play outside and your kids are getting cabin fever. This is a great opportunity to see and test our quality equipment in person! Some benefits to your child being active is that it simply improves their mood and ability to focus. It can also help with coordination, reflexes and a better night’s sleep. Whatever the reason, these showrooms have you covered!

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The Castle at the White House


Photo courtesy of NBC News

On Wednesday, March 4, 2009 First Daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, came home from school to a surprise in their yard at the White House; A brand new Rainbow Swing Set! The two girl’s squealed with delight! It was a big hit! The girls were so excited that they played on the swing set for nearly an hour in the chilly weather.

Serving many purposes over the last 8 years, the Obama family’s Rainbow swing set and picnic table have both been donated to Jobs Have Priority Naylor Road Family Shelter where they will serve children in need. Play N’ Learn, Inc., our DC, MD & VA area distributor, helped the Obama family with donating Malia & Sasha’s Castle.  It was reported by CNN that the Obama family offered the swing set to the Trump family, but they declined.

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Child Safety & Protection Month 2016

In recognition of it being Child Safety and Protection Month this November, we would like to show our support and tell you about why having your own backyard play system is beneficial to children’s safety and protection. Remember when you heard your Mom or Dad yelling at you from the house, “Come inside! It’s time for dinner!” You would come, feet dragging, back inside the house. So many good memories from childhood come from the great outdoors! More and more kids these days would rather stay inside and play on their IPad or watch TV. But here is some great news! Children can burn off some energy and they don’t even have to go very far. This is where a Rainbow Play System comes in!

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October 2016 Featured Playsets & Swing Sets

This October is a great time to start thinking about gifts for the kids! How about a Rainbow Playset? If you have a playset, a new option like a swing, a slide or monkey bars would also make great gifts. Maybe this will help with some ideas… Here are some of our favorite playsets this October. You can also enjoy browsing our large selection of wooden playsets!

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