School is Out – Play Is In!

As schools start letting out for the summer, it is the perfect time to find the best way to keep your kids active and engaged all summer, right at home. That’s where a brand new Rainbow Play System comes in!
Having a backyard playset is an outstanding way to make outdoor play time readily available. Summer schedules fill up quickly with swimming lessons, sports teams, and other activities, so we still need to make sure children have time to unwind and let loose. There is no easier way to do that than by throwing the back door open and sprinting to your very own Rainbow PlaySet!

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Rainbow Cedar Swing Sets Made of Quality Cedar Lumber

When your child plays on a Rainbow® Play System you don’t think about the characteristics of the lumber, where it comes from, or if the wood mills are certified. You think about your children mastering the monkey bars, soaring high on the swings, and climbing to the top of their very own castle. As the parent, your focus is on your child’s safety and active playtime outside and bringing their imagination to life. At Rainbow, we focus on choosing lumber that is durable, machinable, and sustainable to give you a great quality playset your child can learn and grow on for many years.

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May 2016 Featured Playsets & Swing Sets

It’s May and summer is just around the corner! It’s a great time to get your kids that backyard playset so you can all enjoy your yard together! We have chose some of our favorite swing sets for May 2016. Rainbow has a many swing sets in all shapes and colors that can be custom designed for your family, space and children’s needs.

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April 2016 Featured Swing Sets

April is here and its that time of year! Spring is n the air and the kids want to get outside and play. A backyard playground and playset is jsut what they need to enjoy their own yard. We have chosedn some of our favorite swing sets for April 2016. Rainbow has a variety of swing sets that can be custom designed for your family, space and children’s needs.

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