Each month, we pick our favorite swing sets to feature. This month, we are excited to present to you our favorite swing sets for January 2016. Rainbow has a variety of swing sets that can be custom designed for your family, space and children’s needs.

34A – Monster Clubhouse Package II Swing SetsRPS-Feature-Design-34A-300x300

The Monster Clubhouse swing set features a 5ft x 7.5ft Clubhouse with a Deck Height of 6ft 2in. It has a 3 Station Swing Beam, 12ft 5in Super Scoop Slide, Double Deep Sandbox and 2 Store Front Panels.

36A – King Kong Clubhouse Package II Swing Sets
The King Kong Clubhouses swing sets feature 5ft x 10ft Dual-Level Clubhouse with a Deck Height of 5ft 2in and 7ft 2in. The top deck has a 15ft Super Scoop Slide and below a Double Deep Sandbox.

22D – Sunshine Castle Package V Loaded Swing Sets
This Sunshine Castle swing set features a 5ft x 5ft Castle with a 3 Station Swing Beam, Monkey Bars, 32in x 61in Penthouse with a 360º Spiral Tube Slide. The 3 Station Swing Beam comes with two Sling Swings and a Knotted Rope with Disc.

24A – Rainbow Castle Package II Swing Sets
The Rainbow Castle swing set has a 5ft x 5ft Castle with a 3 Station Swing Beam, 11ft Super Scoop Slide, 4 x 6 Timber Rock Wall and 4 x 6 Timber Easy Climb Step/Chain Ladder with Handles. Under the Castle has a 360º Race Car Tire Swing.

Rainbow is sure to have to a swing set that will be perfect for you and your family. All of our Swing Sets are available in the Red, Yellow & Blue Canopy, Forest Green Canopy, or Wood Roof options.
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