Here in the northern hemisphere, we are having the winter solstice today, bringing us a longer night and shorter day. But, from here onward, we will have more sunlight with every day. Until then, don’t let the cold dark winter nights drag your kids down. Start a new holiday tradition! Decorate your Rainbow swing set with Christmas lights. Your beautiful colorful backyard is now covered in white fluffy snow. The swing set is also looking empty. Brighten up the yard and swing set… wrap them with the warmth of Christmas lights!

Rainbow swing sets decorated in lights


The kids will love their swing set even more. Enjoying the lights surrounding their new fort is the perfect way to spend winter evenings. Your kids will not be saying, “I’m bored!” Decorating your Rainbow swing set in lights can be a great family bonding moment too. Everyone on the block just might admire your bright new Rainbow swing set.

If you don’t have a Rainbow swing set yet, visit your local Rainbow showroom and start making this a new family tradition!

May your winter solstice be bright!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!