Part One – What’s New in Swing Sets 2017 | Rainbow Play Systems

Part One – What’s New in Swing Sets 2017

2017 is a fantastic year of changes at Rainbow Play Systems! Our biggest change is all Rainbow Play Systems swing sets are now made of Cedar Lumber. These cedar swing sets are now made from a gorgeous specie of cedar lumber that mills perfectly, is durable, rot-resistant and bountiful. Along with our updated wood species, Rainbow Play has added not 1, but 2 new slides to the lineup and various structural improvements from previous years. Both our Castle and Clubhouse swing set designs now feature increased 7’ headroom along with Rainbow’s 18 oz. Heavy Duty Canopies. As always, our products are backed by Rainbow’s exclusive Lifetime Warranty.

We are excited to share two brand new exclusive products:

Exclusive 10.5’ Wave Slide: The new 10.5’ Wave Slide features a fantastic design creating an exciting wave into the slide bedway for a fun, safe sliding experience for all ages. The double wall construction detail is engineered for maximum strength, the highest level of safety and the most attractive overall appearance. Extra high side walls run the entire length of the slide with even higher side walls at the entrance point to create the safest possible design.

Exclusive 10.5’ Scoop Slide: The new 10.5’ Scoop Slide has exclusive grab grooves on both sides of the slide walls which create a fun and safe way to use the slide as a climbing ramp, while the scoop designed bedway keeps kids in the center of the slide. The extra high sidewalls create a safe and secure sliding experience for toddlers and the double wall construction detail is engineered just like the 10.5’ wave slide for maximum strength! So strong that both slides were able to hold TEN children!

New swing hanger design: Taking a closer look at our attention to detail, we created the highest quality swing hanger design in the residential playground industry. The ultra-smooth Acetal Bushing within our swing hangers makes swinging a blast for all ages. The Acetal Bushing will never wear out and will last a lifetime. The incredible Rainbow Play commercial grade swing hanger has a proven track record of performance for over three decades and they are now available on ALL Rainbow Play swing sets ranging from Fiestas to King Kongs!

Continue reading Part Two – What’s New in Swing Sets 2017 where we share updates to many of our swing sets designs.

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