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December 2017 Featured Swing Sets & Playsets

December brings a time of holidays, warmth and joy. The kids are excited for Santa to visit, bringing toys, imagination and fun. This year, Santa could deliver a new swing set for the yard, making their holiday fun last for years on end. This December, we have picked a few of the favorite swing sets to feature …

66D – Rainbow Clubhouse Package V with Dual PenthousesRPS Rainbow Swing Sets

Double the holiday fun with a Rainbow Clubhouse Pkg V with Dual Penthouses! With a Deck Height of 5’6”, this Rainbow Play System is the “Original” Clubhouse, providing ample room for kids and adults alike! Enjoy the shady Picnic Table, climb the twin Monkey Bars, or hangout in the dual Rainbow Penthouses! Modular and expandable, the Rainbow Clubhouse is a true classic!


98A – Huckleberry Hideout Package II ClassicRPS Classic Swing Sets

Don’t let the snow and cold stop the kids from playing on their Rainbow Play System! The Huckleberry Hideout Pkg II Classic has a cozy Lower-Level Playhouse with Playhouse Door and a Deluxe Huckleberry Wood Roof with Chimney on this Clubhouse-style swing set. Serve snowballs at the built-in Lemonade Stand, or swing into the sky on the 4 Position Swing Beam, complete with Sling Swings and a Knotted Rope with Buoy Ball.


103A – Sunshine Double Whammy Custom CombinationRPS Sunshine Swing Sets

Have big dreams to fill that big backyard? The Sunshine Double Whammy Custom Combination has two Rainbow Play Systems in one! Take a Sunshine Castle Pkg V equipped with a 360° Tube Slide, Extended Bubble Panel, and Monkey Bars with Shimmy Bars, combined with a Sunshine Clubhouse Pkg II with Picnic Table, Crow’s Nest, and 4 Position Swing Beam with Sling Swings and Knotted Rope with Buoy Ball. A dual Crawling Tunnel and Billy Goat Bridge connect the decked out Rainbow Play Systems, a perfection backyard combination!


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