Part I of II: Rainbow’s Sturdy & Safe Swing Set Construction

Rainbow Play Systems is committed to building safe, durable, stable, and fun swing sets. This is what sets us apart from other swing set manufacturers. We put care and attention into the details. Our heavy beam construction and safe secure hardware are what makes ours the best swing sets.

Rainbow uses the highest quality material, from massive timbers, big beam construction to the safest hardware components. Rainbow’s safety and design specifications make our swing sets simply the best.


Rainbow sturdy swing sets

Big Beam Construction
Rainbow Play Systems are engineered to be rock solid and the foundation of our design is the abundance of big beam construction. Massive 4″ x 4″ & 4″ x 6″ timbers are utilized as structural components.




Rainbow durable swing sets

Notched Beam Construction
Essential for long lasting and durable structure. The notches that are cut into each end of the brace are designed to gain maximum support by bracing wood against wood. This greatly reduces the force on the lag bolt that holds the brace in position.




Rainbow safe swing sets

Vertical Spindle Safety Rails
Parents appreciate vertical slats because they prevent youngsters from climbing upwards. We use thick 2″ x 3″ boards which are attractively turned 90º to permit greater play supervision as well as allowing the natural surroundings behind the play structure to be seen.




swing set recessed safe hardware

Recessed & Safety Capped Hardware
Extra attention to detail and safety includes recessed hardware throughout the play structure. The recessed hole has a routered edge and the bolt is double nutted capped off with an acorn nut.




Rainbow durable swing sets

Massive 1/2″ Hardware
Rainbow’s Castle and Clubhouse feature massive 1/2″ diameter thru-bolt hardware utilized in the entire structure for unparalleled strength and stability.





swing set dual bolt construction

Dual Bolt Construction Detail
Dual bolted construction detail throughout the play structure creates tremendous rigidity at the connection points for a vastly more stable structure when compared to the single bolt construction used by competitors.




wood swing sets brackets

Ladder & Rock Wall Brackets
Used to brace the Ladder and Rock Wall securely to the play structure creating a safe “no lift” design.





heavy duty tire swing hardware

Heavy Duty Ductile Iron 360º Tire Swing Swivel
Ductile Iron has more carbon steel than traditional ironand is unmatched in strength. 360º swivel is double bolted and double nutted, includes 3 ultra safe carabiner mountain climbing clips and is backed by our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty.




super heavy duty tire swing hardware

Super Duty 360º Tire Swing Swivel
Our Super Duty 360º Tire Swing Swivel is built with durability and strength beyond compare. It comes equipped with a rubber casing enclosure over the swivel action to keep it free from any entanglements.




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